Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Fecke Endorsements

Fecke of BotML put up his two part endorsement posts yesterday. Here are some highlights.

Part I
These were his congressional endorsements. Only one squabble here. Obi Sium, OBI SIUM. Now I've met the man, and he has even been to the garage, but I don't think I could vote for him. In my endorsement I found a candidate who I could support, and matched my ideology perfectly. Why didn't you consider this individual, Jeff?
So I have decided to endorse the only person I know, in the 4th district who matches me perfectly. An ideological clone, a mirror of my mind, and someone who I have full manipulative control of. That person is ME . . . write-in Kurt 'Flash' Schiebel for 4th district congress!
But his screed on the 6th was some of his finest work:

Patty Wetterling is fine and all, but I’d vote for anyone—Mark Kennedy, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Satan (but I repeat myself)—before Bachmann. Michele Bachmann must be stopped. If you want to boot Wetterling out and send Phil Krinkie or Mark Kennedy or some dependable GOPer to Washington in two years, by all means, sixth, do it. But stop Bachmann now. Your state, your country, your world is depending on you.
I couldn't agree more!

Part II
His support of Amy was never in doubt, and his kind words for Fitzgerald were spot on!
I would be remiss in not noting that I considered strongly supporting Robert Fitzgerald, who has run a strong, idealistic campaign. Fitzgerald deserves praise for his conduct and his candidacy–but I have come to believe that the Independence party’s time has come and gone.
The rest of the slate is straight DFL, but that is where most moderates are at these days. The Right has had full run for long enough, and they have squabbled their opportunity by turning their back on the middle class to protect their Richie Rich friends. I look forward to the beginning of change on Wednesday Morning.


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