Friday, November 03, 2006

Balance of Power: The Stretch Run

Here is an update from three sources tracking Balance of Power in the US Senate and/or House:

Rasmussen Reports

49 Dem/Lean Dem
48 GOP/Lean GOP
03 Toss Up

Electoral Vote

49 Dem
49 GOP
02 Ties

241 Dem
193 GOP
001 Tie

Election Projection

51 GOP
47 Dem
02 IND

219 Dem
216 GOP

I'm not in any position to make predictions, besides I am wrong more times then right. We'll leave the Predictions and the Election Super Pool to Fecke over at BotML. But here's a quick take.

The House will go Dem, no doubt, and how the new majority works toward enacting sensible legislation with a lame duck minority party President will be key in what happens in 2008's horse race. The Senate may fall into new hands as well, but for how long. Then GOP Senator Jim Jeffords from Vermont made a deal to leave the GOP and go Independent. After wrangling for a key committee chairmanship, he opted to caucus with the Dems, returning control to the Democrats.

Now we have a Conservative Democrat from Connecticut switching to Independent status. There is no telling what kind of deal Smokin' Joe may make to keep the GOP in control.

Tuesday might be election day, and we'll have many queries answered. But there will be a slew of new questions with accompanying speculation to keep us bloggers in business for quite a while.


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