Monday, May 04, 2009

Mitch says Strom is a Liberal

Really, he said that:
Making It Official
After years of insisting he’s “Not the DFL’s Monkey”, rumor has it that former Strib columnist Nick Coleman attended “Drinking Liberally”, the weekly local liberal party
So, according to 'mitch' attending DL makes you a liberal.

See, Strom was a guest not to long ago at DL, so, according to "mitch's" logic, that makes Dave a Liberal!

Connect the dots people . . .

Oh, and this howler in the comments:
There was a local leftyblogger who used to throw a wonderful summer get-together at his place, where he invited people all across the aisle. Later on, I heard that the leftybloggers who attended asked him to stop inviting conservatives.
This is a bold faced lie, as Mitch knows this is not the truth. He will now make up another howler to try to justify his deception.

ScaifeNet, trying to change the story one lie at a time!


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