Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Lothar

My Good friend and long time Drum Corps compatriot would have been 48 today. He went out doing what he loved, collapsing of a heart attack near the end of opener while performing in Preliminary competition at World Championships:
Kiltie mellophone player Joel "Lothar" Magnuson, collapsed in the early moments of the prelims performance at the DCA Senior Drum and Bugle Corps Championships in Scranton, Penn., on Saturday evening, September 3, 2005. He was taken by ambulance from the stadium.

The Kilties reluctantly re-started their performance, this time - "for Lothar." Afterwards, as the Kilties left the group-photo bleachers, they were told that Joel had passed away. Outside the stadium, Joel's horn was placed at the center of a circle of all the members, and the corps song, "Auld Lang Syne" was played for his memory.
Tribute and link page here.



PS: Looks like some of the links are broke but you get the gist.

Also the Picture above left was taken just moments before he dropped, doing what he loved, and no hint of what was to come.

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