Saturday, August 28, 2010

RUSH - Row 6

Sold, crisp, clean!! No other group mimics their studio performances on a live stage as well is the three man band form Toronto!

Amazing Stage presence!

Sell out crowd:

Rest of the pics are here!

Can't wait till next time!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ladies and Gentleman, Meet the NEW Airman!

Words can not begin to describe the pride I feel. Not only as a dad, but as an American watching around 700 young men and women take the ultimate step to be part of the strongest fighting force on this planet.

I proudly share my Airman whose next step is a 16 hour bus ride to Keesler, Mississippi where for about two months he will attend tech school for Cyber Systems Operations. Some time towards the end of October, or early November, he will graduate from Tech School and earn some much needed leave. He will get 13 days of uncharged leave by participating in the Recruiter Assistance Program, where he will acts as an aid to his recruiter here at home. He is considering using some of his personal leave as well to give him about 3 weeks total back home. This means I should have much to be thankful for on Thanksgiving *smile*

Thanks to everyone's kind words. This is only the beginning of this journey, so I will look for continued support. We won't know what happens after Thanksgiving, that we will find out a few weeks into Tech School. However, I do know this much, odds are either Japan or Germany for starters!

Thanks again!

PROUD Air Force Dad

Monday, August 16, 2010

Graduation Week

Can you believe it's been 8 weeks. WOW!

This afternoon we leave for Lackland via Dallas. Will stop at Dealey Plaza, tomorrow, and arrive in San Antonio Weds AM. I assume Internet will be limited, but I am pretty sure there is WiFi at the Hotel.

The Trainee called Saturday. He passed all physical tests and got a 97% on the academic exam. He's on the bubble for honors grad, but incredibly proud no matter what. I'll keep you posted.



– Airmanship and core values
– Formal retreat/Airman’s coin ceremony
– Haircuts
– Technical school briefing
– Commanders departure briefing
– Town pass briefing
– Graduation
Thursday: Airman's Run, Orientation Briefings, Retreat, Honor Graduate Ceremony, and Base Liberty

Airman's Run (8:00am): Cheer the Airmen. Please look below for specific squadron colors.
320 TRS- Red t-shirt
321 TRS- Dark gray t-shirt
322 TRS- Gold t-shirt
323 TRS- Tan t-shirt **Trainee Nick's squadrom **
324 TRS- Maroon t-shirt
326 TRS- Dark blue t-shirt
331 TRS- Black t-shirt

Airman's Coin Ceremony (11:00am)
Honor Graduate Reception (11:45am):
Airman, Spouse and Parent Orientation (1:00pm):
Buffet Dinner Opportunity (12:00pm-7:30pm):
End of Liberty (8:00pm):

Friday: Orientation Briefing, Parade, Open House, Family/Spouse/Parent Orientation, and Town Pass
Transportation to Parade Ground (7:15am-8:30am):
Graduation Parade (9:00am):
Squadron Open House (10:15-11:15am):
Lunch Opportunity (11:30-1:30pm):
Airman, Spouse and Parent Orientation (12:00pm):
Town Pass (12:00pm-8:00pm)
End of Liberty (8:00pm): Airmen are due back in their dormitory.

Town Pass (9:00am):  
End of Town Pass (8:00pm): Airmen are due back in their dormitory

Religious Services (6:30am-4:00pm):
Special Town Pass (9:00am-6:00pm)
Base Liberty (9:00am):
Sunday brunch (9:30am-1:30pm):
End of Liberty (6:00pm):

Friday, August 13, 2010

GOP Cleansing or Simple Purity Test

Let me share anther reason as to why, even though I would argue I lean Right on the overall ideological spectrum, I struggle with even considering being a Republican.

Two term GOP State Senator Paul Koering loses primary and is now leaving the party. Why?
Koering begrudges the Minnesota GOP for asking local sheriffs for his law enforcement records in July. He said the state GOP is imposing an increasingly exclusionary "purification process" on members.

"The party that I've called home for 14 years has kind of, in essence, went off the cliff," Koering said. "I always tried to stay with the party to hopefully be a voice of reason within the party. But I found through this campaign that that doesn't work anymore."

The primary appears to have vanquished Koering's appetite for politics; he told the Times his "political days are over."

Koering said he wants Stevenson to succeed him because Gazelka is too ideological to find common ground with DFLers and independents.
Yes, he says his party "went off a cliff". I believe that happened many years ago and is nothing new. Sad really!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dayton -v- Emmer: The Bloodbath!

I was pretty disconnected from this primary race. Of the three candidates in the DFL Primary, I felt Matt Entenza was clearly the best possible person for the Governor's seat. I know his past was a distraction, but when I put 'Minnesota First' it seemed he had the best ideas, the most balanced approach, and a solid foundation to get the state back on track.

But in the end, I voted for MAK. If I had any regrets I would go back in time and have worked towards a MAK victory. A MAK nomination would have put Emmer in 'stick a fork in him' land. Democrats, moderates like myself, and sensible Republicans would have been able to support her, we would have a issues based campaign, and the people would decide.

So with Dayton the nominee, and Emmer, the Tea Party and Palin chosen one, I expect a blood bath. The greatest fear the Right has is having to run on issues. They know their policies and practices have gotten us into an economic and social mess. A MAK candidacy would have kept this race cleaner. Now the Right will cherry pick the quirks of Senator Dayton and keep the electorate in confusion. The Left will then be on the defensive and continue with the DUIs smear.

The airwaves will be filled with blood and mud. The people will grow weary of juvenile style junior high politics. Classic Right Wing "I know you are but what am I' defenses along with the 'I'm rubber you're glue' gambit will replace what we should do to fix the pending 6 billion dollar deficit without further gutting the budget. We won't here one candidate's desire to further chip away at the bone, cracking into the budget marrow, and sucking it dry, just to appease his rich donor friends. But we will hear about how the other candidate wants to steal every one's money through taxes, rather than the truth of tweaks to bring fairness back into the tax rates.

And sitting back is the IP candidate, who will proclaim he is above all this and if you want to end 'politics as usual' that is where your vote should go.

Sorry, this state can't afford another 4 years of a Governor who is selfish and out of touch while the rest of us suffer. I never thought I would say this, as Senator Dayton was on my 'no way in Hell' list. But since the Right has opted for a Palin style Tea partier, they've alienated me.

Senator, have your people call my people, we have a state to rescue!


UPDATE: MAK bows out gracefully:
“I just spoke with Mark Dayton and congratulated him on winning the DFL primary. I offered him my full support. He will make an excellent governor.

“I am so grateful for all of the hard work of our volunteers and supporters over the last twelve months. This was a people-powered, grassroots campaign and we should all be proud of what we achieved together.

“In Minnesota we value every person’s voice and count every person’s vote. And that’s what happened this election.

“Today we will come together as DFLers. We will unite behind Mark Dayton, and beat Tom Emmer in November.”

Margaret Anderson Kelliher

Monday, August 09, 2010

WEEK 7 Almost there!!

Can't believe we are int he home stretch. I leave a week from tomorrow for Lackland AFB. Where has the Summer gone!


– Air Force history
– Combat stress recovery
– Sexual assault prevention and reporting
– Suicide awareness and prevention
– Financial management
– Sexually transmitted diseases
– Ethics
– Evaluation of drill, reporting and courtesies
– PT (Physical Training) evaluation
– Written test

= = = = = =

On an unrelated note, I have really enjoyed taking some time away from serious posting. I've been doing this for some time and needed to just take a few steps back. Soon I will be re-engaged, but that may not happen till after I get back from Texas.

Enjoy your week!


Friday, August 06, 2010


Koua Fong Lee: A free man after 2.5 years in prison for fatal Toyota crash
"It is not a dream."

That's how Koua Fong Lee responded Thursday afternoon when asked how it felt to have his wife's hands clasped around his arm at a St. Paul hotel, to have her stand next to him and to feel her touch after two years and seven months in prison. And after thinking he would spend several more years away from her and their four children.

"Sometimes, when I was sleeping in the cot, I dreamed (I was at home), and then I woke up still in the little room," he said, as his wife, Panghoua Moua, leaned her head against his shoulder and protested, "No. ..."

"But now," Lee said, "my dream has come true."
He always said he was innocent; now he's free
After Ramsey County District Judge Joanne Smith ruled that Lee is entitled to a new trial, County Attorney Susan Gaertner said there would be no retrial and no appeal.

There are still unanswered questions here, not the least of which is why the County Prosecutors would so vigorously proceed in a case where it was pretty clear the driver, Lee, had no reason or intent to cause this accident. It was simply that, an accident, a tragic loss of life due to factors beyond human control.

May all those involved find peace in their lives as we move on from this tragedy.


CNN posts the story on their front page:
Minnesota judge frees man convicted in acceleration crash of Toyota
(CNN) -- A Minnesota man sent to prison after the deadly sudden-acceleration crash of his Toyota Camry has been freed by a judge, and the local prosecutor says he will not be retried.

Ramsey County, Minnesota, District Court Judge Joanne Smith on Thursday ordered Koua Fong Lee released from prison pending a new trial related to the 2006 crash that killed three people. Ramsey County Prosecutor Susan Gaertner immediately said she would drop the charges.

"Mr. Lee will be a free man," Gaertner said in a written statement.

Monday, August 02, 2010



– SERE (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape)
– Deployment briefing
– Basic Expeditionary Airman Skills Training (BEAST)

I've booked my hotel and am set for Graduation. We'll be driving down and probably staying in Dallas for a day. I've never been to Dealy Plaza so I can't just drive through without stopping.

The Trainee called Saturday, but we missed his as we were out. Dag Nabbit!