Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It's Official

The STRIB reports:
In one of the highest-profile trades in Twin Cities' professional sports history, the Timberwolves sent Garnett -- for 12 years the face of the franchise -- to the Boston Celtics in exchange for players Al Jefferson, Gerald Greene, Sebastian Telfair, Theo Ratliff and Ryan Gomes. Also included in the deal are two first-round draft picks and cash considerations. The two picks include Boston's first-round pick in 2009 and the pick Minnesota sent to Boston as a part of a 2006 trade.

Monday, July 30, 2007


Perkins on KARE OnLIVE has just announced a deal in principle has been reached with the Boston Celtics regarding a trade involving Kevin Garnett. Perk stated this has been confirmed by the AP.

Links when available.

Something had to happen or the Puppies would have lived in mediocrity for several more years. I'll miss KG and wish him well with his new club . . . . except when they play the LumberPuppies!


UPDATE: AP wire story via ABC News:
Kevin Garnett is leaving Minnesota after the Boston Celtics agreed to acquire the All-Star forward in a multiplayer trade with the Timberwolves, a Celtics official told The Associated Press on Monday.

Among the players who could be headed to Minnesota are forward Al Jefferson, guard Sebastian Telfair, swingman Gerald Green and center Theo Ratliff, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the deal had not been completed. The official also said the Timberwolves would get at least one draft choice.


Sack put a smile on my face, yesterday:

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ultimate Chew Toy

The St. Paul Saints, never at a loss for a timely promotion or gimmick, have come up with a doozy:
Sparked by a minor league baseball team's promotion in California and a clever idea from a longtime supporter, the St. Paul Saints are making plans to give away 2,500 "Michael Vick" dog chew toys designed with the Atlanta Falcons' team colors and the No. 7 worn by the team's embattled quarterback.

"People expect so many crazy things from us," said Sean Aronson, director of media relations for the American Association baseball team. "When the idea was presented to us, we simply couldn't resist."
The Vick taunt may have come from California:
Sunday, the Long Beach (Calif.) Armada minor league baseball team will hold a "Michael Vick Animal Awareness Day." Any fan who brings in a Vick shirt or jersey to be thrown into a bonfire receives free admission and a donation in their name to a local animal rights organization.
But the Chew toy idea came from a local Saints fan.

I need to get one for Kurly!! Anyone . . . anyone!


Friday, July 27, 2007

Best Headline Ever!!

via the WaPo:

Bedtime for Gonzo

Ok, here is some more:
It's way past bedtime for Gonzo. At this point, every day Alberto Gonzales continues as attorney general means more dishonor for the office and the nation -- and higher blood pressure for Senate Judiciary Committee members trying desperately to get a straight answer out of the man.

Gonzo has managed to do something no one else in Washington has managed in years: create a spirit of true bipartisanship. After his pathetic act in front of the committee Tuesday, it's no surprise that Democrats are threatening to investigate him for perjury. But it was Sen. Arlen Specter, a Republican, who looked Gonzo in the face and told him, "I do not find your testimony credible, candidly."
The clock continues to tick . . .


RIP - Norm, Sr.

Sen. Coleman's father has passed:
Norman Coleman Sr., the father of Minnesota's senior senator and a World War II veteran who was awarded the Purple Heart, died Thursday of bladder cancer.

He was 82.
From the Senator's office:
As a decorated World War II veteran, he will be laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery. During this time of grief, Senator Coleman and his family ask for your thoughts and prayers.”
All me hopes to the Coleman family during this difficult time.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Texas Freedom

The Minnesota Right gave up on Minnesota Nice when they failed to recognize the importance of common decency, and respect towards an embarrassing medical condition.

Texas gets it correct, and no one could claim them as being a liberal blue state:
The new law, formally known as the Restroom Access Act, guarantees customers with certain medical conditions the use of a retail store's bathroom.

"When I first read about this, I literally cried because I could imagine something closer to a normal life," Manks said. "People don't understand how traumatic it can be when you are denied use of the bathroom. It's just like a panic attack."
Minnesota Right, on the wrong side again!


Monday, July 23, 2007


Although there have been a few skirmishes already, tonight is labeled the first 'official' debate of the Democratic contenders for President.

Sponsored jointly by CNN and YouTube, Democratic candidates will meet at 6:00 pm to respond to questions that have been posted on YouTube. Then there will be more:
The next DNC-approved debate is scheduled for Aug. 19 in Iowa, followed by an official debate in New Hampshire in late September and four more debates in early-primary states after that. With the candidates already spending so much time in the early-voting states, those debates are considered the least disruptive to meeting the other demands of campaigning.
I plan on watching, and so should you!


UPDATE: The Fix previews what the four top tier candidates need to do. I can't argue with his take on Richardson. This is a crucial time in his campaign:
Bill Richardson: Richardson's fundraising in the second quarter was surprisingly strong, and his early ads in Iowa and New Hampshire are helping him move up in the polls. And yet, no candidate has been more disappointing in the debates than Richardson. He has looked awkward on stage and unable to trim his answers to the required format. His advisers are no doubt aware of these problems, so look for Richardson to be a bit smoother tonight (it would be almost impossible for him to be less smooth). Expect Richardson also to focus on his plan to remove all troops from Iraq by the end of the year -- an attempt to distinguish his position from those of Clinton, Obama and Edwards.


via Cagle:

Friday, July 20, 2007

Saturday, President Cheney!

President Bush will hand over the reigns of the country, tomorrow. However it will only be for a couple hours, while he undergoes a colonoscopy:
Because the president will be under the effects of anesthesia, Bush has elected to implement Section 3 of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, making Cheney acting president until Bush indicates he is prepared to reassume his authority.
I wish the President well . . . . both of them.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Plame Lawsuit Tossed!

The Right will twist this into some frivolous lawsuit argument. But it was a jurisdictional ruling. And the Judge points out what many of us have known for awhile.

via CNN:
U.S. District Judge John Bates ruled that the lawsuit raises "important questions relating to the propriety of actions undertaken by our highest government officials" -- but in a 41-page decision, Bates found the Wilsons failed to show the case belongs in federal court.
So fodder for both sides, lets see how it plays out.


Why Richardson!

Charley likes to taunt me about posting Fundraising numbers and poll results, instead of ideological substance and issue stances. Today`I share an endorsement from a member of Minnesotans for Richardson. It is more than just Resume hype:
Does he, however, have the forward-thinking, engaging, inspiring ideas that a president elected in 2008 requires? Yes. His energy policy--surely one of the most important national policies, given that it affects both domestic and foreign affairs to an enormous extent--is by far the best of those put forward during this election cycle in that it challenges Americans to both reduce energy consumption where and when it is appropriate to do so, as well as work to produce alternate sources of energy to meet our considerable future needs in ways that are cleaner, safer, and more secure than ever before. The percentages by which he wants to reduce greenhouse gasses as well as our dependence upon foreign sources of oil seem at first daunting, but when one reads the thinking behind them, and when one takes into account the notion that this challenge is akin to putting a man on the moon--something that America performed less than a decade after so many people thought that President Kennedy was setting an impossible goal--one gets the sense that we can come together, as we have done before, to meet this challenge as we have met past challenges, and in doing so renew our innovative, industrious spirit, which is currently stuck in an outdated, fossil-fuel rut.

If we can achieve what Governor Richardson sets out for us to achieve in the realm of energy, which in many ways is at the heart of so much of the world's current strife, surely we can achieve the other necessary goals that the governor has set for us. These goals include moving quickly and unflaggingly toward a health care system that protects the quality of American healthcare while simultaneously extending it to all of our citizens; extracting U.S. troops from unnecessary wars of choice, such as the war in Iraq, that distract everyone in this world from the real problem groups civilization faces, such as al-Qaeda (as well as from the problems of ignorance, poverty, and alienation that help to radicalize entire populations to support such groups); and recognizing that so many problems, both of our own citizens and those of people around the world, stem from the unavailability of a well-rounded, quality education for each and every child that recognizes that good academic outcomes, far from being solely check-marks on a piece of paper, are the product of engaging and innovative academic processes, and for this to happen we must ensure that many of the best and brightest in our society are encouraged to be teachers and encouraged to actually teach--which means inspire and challenge students--as opposed to walk lock-step with the trendy, mediocre-standard-bearing, bureaucratic crowd currently muscling into schools.
That was just the guts, read the whole thing.


A Candidate for the 2nd

A frequent Centrisity commenter is mulling a run for congress:
a National Guardsman with 20 years in the service under his belt is likely to take on Second District GOP Rep. John Kline, a three-term incumbent whose 25 year career in the Marines has been central to his political profile.

Sgt. 1st Class Steve Sarvi, who is demobilizing at Fort McCoy, Wis., this week after serving with the Minnesota Guard in Iraq, is leaning toward making the bid
We have been fortunate to have Steve inject his 'boots on the ground' insight here at Centrisity, and now the electorate of the 2nd may have an opportunity to hear them in person. Here is what they can expect:
"We could go on for hours about how we win wars only to lose the peace, and why that happens time and again. We keep electing incumbents and even the same "types" of people over and over yet we expect different outcomes. Having been "in country" for almost a year now, and working alongside Iraqis, I can tell you that we can not even begin to understand the people of the Middle East. Our experience of Democracy is not what they can or will ever understand. We have to shift our thoughts and see things through their prism."
Sargeant Sarvi has a website up and will be contemplating his next step as he transitions back to the states.

There is more at Inside Minnesota Politics.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Troy Davis finally gets a break, albeit a short one.
One day before he was to die by lethal injection, convicted cop killer Troy Davis received a 90-day stay of execution Monday from a Georgia clemency board, allowing him time to press his case that he has been the victim of mistaken identity.
I do not assume to know the truth in this case, but the more I have read, the more doubt emerges. My support of the death penalty ends at the point where the possibility of executing an innocent begins (which clearly excludes the likes of Alfonso Rodriguez Jr. and the Oklahoma Bomber). The Davis case has evolved so much over the years, that doubt not only lingers, but seems to be slapping justice upside the head!
The prosecution's case against Davis, 38, has crumbled in the 16 years since he was sentenced to death for shooting a police officer working a security detail in Savannah. Most of the key witnesses in Davis's trial have recanted their testimony, and some have said they lied under police pressure.

- - -

Since the trial, however, three of four witnesses who testified that Davis shot the officer have signed statements contradicting their identification of the gunman. Two other witnesses who told police that Davis had confessed to the shooting have said they made it up. Other witnesses say it was another man at the Burger King that night.
Even Rep. John Lewis was concerned about how justice could be defined if the execution continued:
If executing Troy Davis on the evidence we now have is the best our justice system can do, then that system is not worthy of the word justice. People of good faith can and do disagree about the death penalty. But all of us must certainly agree that before we carry out the ultimate penalty, we must be sure. The only thing I am sure of is that nobody can even come close to being sure that Troy Davis committed this crime. I am, frankly, shocked to think that we could execute anyone under these circumstances. And I ask you not to let that happen.
and he does not forget the life that was lost that day, Officer Mark McPhail,
Before I sit down, let me say a few words about a man who cannot be here today. I speak, of course, of the victim of this terrible crime, Officer Mark MacPhail. And I hope you will think of him too as you make your decision. Officer MacPhail's death was a senseless tragedy, and I am sure his loved ones still feel the pain of his loss. I pray for them and for Officer MacPhail today. And I ask you to do the same. For it is a terrible thing to be a victim of a violent crime.
The defense team now has 90 days to present their case to the parole board. Their best bet is a commutation at this stage. Ideally, a new trial, vindication for Davis, and a conviction of the real killer. But that is for our justice system to decide.


Monday, July 16, 2007

Slow but Steady Wins the Race

Chris Cillizza, of The Fix, focuses on Richardson:
With the focus on the "top tier" New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson may be overlooked. But Richardson is as well-positioned financially as he could possibly have hoped for when he announced his candidacy for president earlier this year.

Between April 1 and June 30, Richardson raised $7.1 million, bringing his year-to-date fundraising total to more than $13 million. Richardson, like Obama, raised more money in the second quarter of the year than in the first.
Chris then goes on to talk about the spending, and Richardson's successful TV ad campaign. and his organizational infrastructure:
Organizationally, Richardson is in surprisingly good shape in Iowa. He has 11 field offices in the state just one less than Clinton and four fewer than Edwards. (Obama has a whopping 28 field offices.) And, according to washingtonpost.com's "Campaign Tracker" -- bookmark it if you haven't already done so -- Richardson has done 25 events in the Hawkeye State since the start of the year.
What's next, more debates:
The CNN/YouTube debate set for next Monday provides Richardson a real opportunity to break through, a chance he has missed in the televised debates up until now. To date, Richardson has appeared uncomfortable on stage and uncertain of the format. A stronger-than-expected performance would play into a story line that Richardson is slowly but surely moving upwards toward the top tier. It would also help squash (or at least quiet) talk that Richardson is simply too unpredictable to be taken seriously as a candidate for president.
Gov. Bill has not had much success in breaking out during the prior debates, almost seeming clumsy at times. The only way he will be able to force himself into the upper tier, will be to take advantage of the debate opportunities. If he doesn't do that soon, it could spell trouble.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

MOB Meeting

The annual MOB (MN Organization of Bloggers) gathering is this early evening at Keegan's. As the token Lefty (read anyone to the left of the rest of the MOB, even though I am to the Right of most every 'lefty' blogger I have met) I feel obligated to attend.

The gathering is open to every and all interested parties, bloggers, commenters, fans and friends. Stop by Keegan's sometime after 6:00 today (Saturday, July 14) and see what all the fuss is about. The gathering ends:
when the Nihilist in Golf Pants begins his rendition of "Can't Help Falling In Love." Be there to catch all the high-kickin' jumpsuit action.
Oh, and here are the etiquette rules.

Hope to see you there!


Friday, July 13, 2007

My New Toy

A week or so ago I finally made the leap into HDTV. It was an easy call. I buried myself in information as I narrowed my choices. Deal breakers were the zoom feature required to zoom into Standard Definition Letter boxed movies to fill the screen. The more I read and research, the more the decision became obvious. I went with the Samsung 4661, just one step back from their top of the line 4665 model. The matte finish over the Gloss screen was the decider.But that turned out to be the easier portion of the decision process. Now I have to decide where I am going to get it from. Local big box retailers had the TV for about $2500. Ad to the $200 in taxes and another Three fitty for the extended warranty and I am just over the 3 Grand mark. On the other hand, I could go with an online E-Tailer. Now I am not intimidated by online EShops. My entire audio system was purchased online. Dropping $300 on a tuner or DVD player was a bit nerving at first, but I have had good luck. The 4661 could be had for just over Two Grand online, free shipping, no taxes and about two fitty for the extended warranty. That's a $700 difference.

Which brought me to me dilemma. I always wondered what the value was in buying something from a local Big box -vs- and ETailer. If something goes wrong, I can march the product back to Best Buy, but if purchased online, I deal directly with the manufacturer and could even by tagged with shipping charges to send it back and forth for repair, even under warranty. The thought of having a $2300 door stop was too much. I spent the extra $700 and marched down to Best Buy and pulled the trigger. I have not had a regret.

The TV is amazing, and that is only with the built in tuner pulling in the local HD signals. My Standard Definition DirecTivo box comes in much better than I expected. A concern I had was the appearance of Standard Definition channels as that is still the majority of your viewing choices. Most people complain at the lack of clarity in those pictures, as the HDTV exaggerates the imperfections of the higher resolution. That was not the case with my DirecTV digital signal. Rendering and decompression is handled very well. But that still won;t stop me from upgrading my DTV tuner.

I'll miss my TIVO as DirecTV has gone to an in house DVR. But with their new satellite launched just this past week, almost 100 new HDTV channels will be coming down the pipe, and I'll want to take advantage of everyone one of them in their full digital glory. So that is my mission today. Wheel and deal with the kind folks in the DirecTV retention department to get set up with a box upgrade and talk them out of some programming perks. Its been awhile since I have asked them for anything, so I enter negotiations from a position of strength. And after spending several years blogging on the internets, I have a lot of practice, too!!


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Will it Blend?!?

If you haven't seen it yet, run over and take a peek. A website takes on many different objects to show off its blender. Some safe for home, some not. The latest victim, the iPhone. I was somewhate surprised by the result.

Take a look for yourself.


Getting Moving

Minnesota 2020 has a couple interesting pieces on transportation.

Road, Bridge Investments Falling Ever Shorter

State Slow on Mass Transit

Transportation seems to take a back seat to issues like Education, Health Care, and the War. However, it is the one issue that effects us daily, on a constant basis. What will it take to make it a priority!?!


Strong and Getting Stronger!

There are reasons we should have finished the job in Afghanistan before moving on to the Bush Sandbox:
Six years after the Bush administration declared war on al-Qaeda, the terrorist network is gaining strength and has established a safe haven in remote tribal areas of western Pakistan for training and planning attacks, according to a new Bush administration intelligence report to be discussed today at a White House meeting.
Pakistan, Shocked, shocked I say!! . . . I thought Musharraf was with us, not with the terrorists . . . what's going on here?!?
al-Qaeda appears "to be fairly well settled into the safe haven in the ungoverned spaces of Pakistan."

"We see more training. We see more money. We see more communications," Kringen said.
But . . but . . but . . . 'is it safe!'
White House spokesman Tony Fratto declined to sound any alarm yesterday. "There continues to be no credible, specific intelligence to suggest that there is an imminent threat to the homeland," he said in response to questions about Chertoff's remarks.
And what of Musharraf
the Defense Intelligence Agency's deputy director for analysis, traced al-Qaeda's resurgence in Pakistan to an agreement last year that Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf made with the tribal chiefs when he withdrew army units from the northwest area.

In return, the tribal leaders were to prevent the Taliban, bin Laden and al-Qaeda from carrying out training and sending terrorists and arms into Afghanistan and elsewhere. But, Cardillo said: "At the end of the day, we see a worse condition than [there] was before the agreement."
When the administration is struggling just to get out the basic rudiments of their security plan out in the open, this does not help matters at all. I think someone needs to recognize that Pakistan is not as close of a friend as we would like. Iran may be a threat, but Pakistan has been gaming us for far to long!


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sheda Permit Status Update

Thanks to some contacts I have made both here and in Duluth this is the best I can come up with.

Permit status is NOT public information. It is unclear how the law deals with this information post mortem. Obtaining this information by normal means, i.e. Local reporters and the Sheriff's office, has not been successful, due to this legal protection. However, one of my sources makes an interesting observation:
I'm sure the defendant's defense team will be looking into that
In conversations with Mitch and Joel, we are pretty much in agreement that it is highly unlikely that Sheda was a permit holder. The simply fact that Alcohol use and carrying is a violation and is 'beaten' into the trainees ad nausea during that process. Should I find out something more definitive, I will let you know.


UPDATE: A ponder; if permit status is protected/private data, than who/why in the Treptow case was this information released almost immediately?

Gas Gougers

From Cagle himself:

More here!


Monday, July 09, 2007

Franken Grabs Another Couple Million

From a campaign press release:
The Al Franken for Senate campaign announced today that it expects to report having raised over $1.9 million in the second quarter of 2007 when it files its quarterly report with the FEC on July 15.

The money was raised from nearly 28,000 donors. So far in 2007, over 36,000 donors have contributed a grand total of over $3.2 million. The campaign is particularly pleased to note that over 95% of contributions in the second quarter were $100 or less.
The campaign is pleased to point out this is mostly small doantions and grass roots money:
Other second quarter fundraising notes:

• The average contribution to the campaign in the second quarter was $65.10.
• Nearly 2,000 people who contributed to the campaign in the first quarter, or nearly 20%, made another contribution in the second quarter.
• The campaign has received contributions from every county in Minnesota and from every state in the nation.
• The campaign received only $5,500 from PACs in the second quarter, including $5,000 from Sen. Dick Durbin's (D-Ill.) Prairie PAC and $500 from GMP Political Education League, the PAC of the Glass, Molders, Pottery, Plastics, & Allied Workers International Union. In the first quarter, Al received just $15,000 from PACs (including $5,000 from his own Midwest Values PAC), while Sen. Coleman received nearly a third of his total ($450,000) from PACs.
We'll see where Ciresi is at, and if ths incumbent can match these nice numbers.


Eight Wonders

The results are in, and the new 7 wonders of the world have been identified:

Chichén Itzá, Mexico
Christ Redeemer, Brazil
The Great Wall, China
Machu Picchu, Peru
Petra, Jordan
The Roman Colloseum, Italy
The Taj Mahal, India

Why did I say 8 in the Headline, because in a hat tip to the only surviving wonder of the Ancient World, "The Great Pyramid of Giza" was grandfathered in, giving us 8!

What's next, the 7 wonders of nature!!


Making Lemonade

I must tip my hat to REW at Power Liberal(s). She has become the victim of a very vicious personal attack by someone in the MN Right Wing Blogosphere who claims to be that which he is not. To misuse and photoshop someones ultrasound for personal and political gains is simply unforgivable, but REW has a calmer head than I:
Some advised me to simply ignore it, and go to a happy place. Others told me to stop ignoring it and try and fight it.

I have decided to do both, and turn something I previously found stressful into something that makes me feel good.

Starting today, in honor of his 4th of July post, I am making a donation to Planned Parenthood MN every time the picture shows up on Swiftee's blog.
And a commenter shares many of our frustrations:
You have nothing to apologize for and in fact if Swiftee had the common decency that God granted to a turnip, he would realize that he is the one that owes you an apology. Obviously that is not the case.

Any MAN with a shred of common decency would never use that, to score cheap political points and in fact a MAN would never use that type of cheap bully boy tactics on a woman.
I've met Tom several times, and in person I find him a compassionate and caring individual, which is why it is difficult for me to see him cross this line so forcefully and without remorse. If their argument is so weak they have to drag in other people's unborn children into the debate, than the Voice of the MNGOP is getting pretty desperate.

I don't expect and apology from Tom, but I do respectfully request that he take down the photo shopped ultrasounds and agree to not cross the line into personal family business. It would be appreciated.


Friday, July 06, 2007

Did He or Didn't He

Coming off the heals of the use of a weapon by a permit holding gun carrier, is a tragedy in Duluth.

Opponents of the Minnesota Personal Protection Act (MPPA) jumped on the Treptow case as an example of misuse of a firearm. But as the facts come out, it is becoming more clear, that even in the case of the shooting of an off duty police officer, this citizen may have acted within the law. The simple fact that he was released so quickly, without charges being filed is our first indicator. Mitch and Joel have been on this one since the beginning.

And that brings us to Duluth. If Staff Sgt. Sheda was a permit holder, then there could be some legitimate fodder available for the MPPA opponents. If not, they'll have nothing. I have the question out to individuals familiar with the case. This post will be updated when I receive an answer.


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Birthday, USA!

Visit the archives:This tired looking piece of parchment is still the strongest and most powerful document in the world.

A special thanks to the signers. A full table, courtesy of the National Archives Experience, is available HERE.

Have a SAFE and healthy holiday!


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Myths of Scooter

While we still try to digest the actions of this administration, yesterday, lets make sure we all know what actually went down. Not just what we are lead to believe by the timid media. Carol Leonnig of WaPo laid it out almost a month ago:
While covering this case for The Washington Post from the beginning of Special Counsel Patrick J. Fitzgerald's investigation in December 2003, I've received a steady stream of mail, most of it fuming -- some because the writers think a tireless patriot is being persecuted by a runaway prosecutor, others because they think a ruthless traitor is getting off easy after jeopardizing national security.

In fact, neither caricature is fair -- let alone accurate. But even now, four years after Valerie Plame's name hit the papers, the public still has some startling misconceptions about this fascinating, thorny case.
The five myths with their accurate short answer from Leonnig, you'll have to click through for the full skinny:

1. Valerie Plame wasn't a covert operative.

Wrong. She was.

2. Karl Rove would have been indicted in the Plame case if it hadn't been for all the destroyed evidence.

Those e-mails may contain interesting stuff, but for now, it's rank speculation to suggest that they hold information about the Plame case or would have pushed Fitzgerald to charge Rove with perjury.

3. Libby didn't leak Plame's identity.

the overwhelming weight of the evidence at the trial -- including reporters' notes of their interviews with Libby -- showed that Libby had indeed leaked classified information about Plame's identity

4. Bad press doesn't get under Cheney's skin.

if he had been that immune to (as one of his predecessors put it) "the nattering nabobs of negativism," he never would have told his top aide to talk about Joe Wilson, and none of this would have happened.

5. The White House would fire any administration official who leaked classified information about Plame.

When the investigation began, the president said he hated leaks and would hold leakers of classified information accountable. But he has not sacked anyone over the case.

So there, are we all clear now!


The Bald Ego, Saved?!?

via Rogers:

Monday, July 02, 2007


Surprising, no. But there is still something just wrong about it.

I liked this CNN Headline, "Scooter skates"


(my other stuff on Libby)