Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Constitutional Conundrum

Our President has been totally busted using Presidential pressure to influence a foreign nation for personal and, especially, political gain. There is no grey area here, unless you're wearing ideological blinders. Now we find out who the true American Patriots are within the Republican party, and how much Constitutional disrespect they are willing to tolerate when the President doesn't share their party. There are a few bright spots out there, but I am mostly disappointed in my Right Wing Constitutionalist who have clearly sold their soul. #Sad

I was surprised to see it had been 3 years since I've posted, and I have no idea if this is another one off. But 'The Book' isn't really conducive to dump my thoughts on, so back to my playground.

Folks ask me why I stopped blogging, considering all the success I had during my tenure. My answer was simple, as a Right Leaning moderate I was attacked by both sides for not being pure enough, and it just wasn't fun anymore. Maybe this time entertainment isn't the motivation, but making sure the truth gets out.

Lets see what happens.