Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Up Nort' 2010

We are leaving for our annual excursion Up Nort' to da Range. We'll be on Lake Leander, near Britt, MN north of Buhl.

My View will be something like this!

Place nice while I am gone.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gov. Timmeh Asks for Help

Steve Sack

WEEK 4 - BMT and another phone call


– CBRNE/chamber training
– Anti-terrorism/Force protection level I
– Security programs
– Obstacle course
– Weapons evaluation (breakdown and assembly)
– Second clothing issue
– Dress and appearance (service uniform)


Got another phone call from Trainee Nick. All is still well and on track. His first words were 'I just got out of the gas chamber' I had to ask if it was some kind of punishment, but it was related to the CBRNE/Chamber training. He even sounded somewhat excited about it.

From here on out things start to get better, TIs (Training Instructors) are more in 'build up' mode rather than 'tear down' mode.

The letter I had sent hi on Saturday already had arrived yesterday so it is good to know mail flows fast. The bad news is, the letter sits in his security locker till Sunday as he isn't allowed to read mail unless authorized.

So he is half over. We are finalizing travel arrangements for BMT graduation towards the end of August and I just can;t wait to see the new man he has become.

Have I mentioned how proud I am!!

Proud Marine and Air Force Dad!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Emmer Supporter, "This is a Catastrophe"

I was able to make it to the Waitergate Spin Fest at Ol Mexico yesterday afternoon. By the time I get there the back room was already sealed off, pretty much. Well dressed doorman were restricting access signaling the room was full. However, an Emmer button or a Shirt stating "Proud Conservative" would still get you in. If you were wearing one of the "I am not Overpaid" stickers, you were denied. This didn't mean there was many friendlies int he room. Emmer, for the most part, was flustered, even showing edgy emotion. I found his tone angry and bitter. You could sense the regret.

He attempted to pass blame on the media for misrepresentation, but then a server at the microphone read the transcript back to him, using his own actual words. Lots of cheering for the pro Working Class group. Emmer was spiraling downward, fast, and it was clear as the microphone was being passed around he was waiting for the clock to run out, in fact, ending the even early, and clearing the room accept for the very press he ridiculed.

Since I was not in the room itself, I hung out in the bar area. The audio was being piped in, so you could hear what was going on. But what I found really interesting was the groups of Emmer/GOP supporters with the long faces, growing frustrated as the event wore on. Soon a supporter came out of the back room and approached a group of other Emmer supporters, I overheard:

"What is he doing . . . this is a catastrophe"

And that was pretty much how it went all the way to the end . . . until . . . a lone egotistical idiot became Emmer's best friend. In a rude and improper stunt, this idiot gave Emmer the out he needed, dumping a bag of pennies on the table in front of Emmer. And then started preaching about immigration and the hypocrisy of the Emmer campaign staging their little Town Hall in a Mexican Restaurant.

So what did the media talk about on the news. Did they focus on Emmer's unwillingness to actually engage the very hard working Minnesotans he wants to drive into bankruptcy. Oh hell know, it was all about the pennies. One brief moment within an hour of major Fail for the Emmer campaign. DBrauer did a breakdown and posted on Twitter.
Tale of TV tape: #EmmerFest time devoted to penny-pourer: @KARE11 41 sec of 1:58; @KSTP 1:26 of 2:30; @WCCO 8 seconds of 2:29. @fox9kmsp TBD
'CCO did the most balanced job, KARE11 even interviewed the idiot and I would expect nothing less from KSTP as the in the bag channel for the MNGOP.

Liberal Media my ass!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Week 3, BMT and a call from the Trainee

Finally heard from Trainee Nick. He sounded GREAT and was very committed to his decisions. I heard no frustration and second guessing.

We had about 15 minute for our first 'conversation' following a couple other phone calls that were very robotic and rushed. This time he was very relaxed, almost excited about 'Hell Week' coming up.

He has passed all inspections, is ahead in his studies and memorization, doing well in PT, and get this, he is in the band *Smile* Now, what that means is he is playing the bass drum to help keep the cadence during marching drills, but still, hey, better than latrine duty LOL.

He gets his Blues this week, and soon the first set of official photographs. Can;t wait to put the fresh crisp Trainee up on the family wall. It will look sharp!

I have his address if anyone is interested, just shoot me a note to:

flash at centrisity dot com

The adventure continues . . .

Proud Air Force dad!


– Drill Precision 

- SABC (Self Aid/Buddy Care) under fire
– Bleeding control
– Bandages and dressings

– Combat application tourniquet

– Blood clotting agents

– Splint fractures

– Internal bleeding

– Burn treatments

– Shock management

– Airway management

– Spinal injury

– Job Classification Interviews

Friday, July 09, 2010

Gubernatorial Manicure

via Steve Kelly at

Steve Kelley

And in case you missed Lindsey's nails at her sentencing, take a peek.


Thursday, July 08, 2010

Doublespeak from an Auditor Candidate

She couldn't do her job the first time, and now she can't even audit her own words. From former Auditor and now perennial Candidate Pat Awada Anderson:

First She Says:
"giving local units the ability to levy a half-cent sales tax"
And later she says
"The last thing we want to do is raise taxes," Anderson stressed."
So which is it, do these folks even read what the speak, know what they say, believe what they think?


Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Em and Emmer

Just when I think the faltering DFL campaigns are handing the Statehouse to the GOP for another 4 years, Emmer shows he is the gift that keeps on giving:
Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer rekindled a smoldering debate Monday when he said minimum-wage workers who earn tips should have their wages reduced.

Minnesota is one of seven states that forbids employers from using a "tip credit" to avoid paying the full minimum wage otherwise required by law.
Now, from a policy stand point, the debate is fair enough to have, but from a political standpoint, this is nothing short of shoving his foot down his throat.
In 2008, Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty vetoed a bill that would have raised the minimum wage to $7.75 because it didn't include the tip credit for hourly service workers. Emmer voted against that bill. In 2005, DFLers defeated a tip credit amendment.

Emmer said he supports reinstituting the credit, which he said hasn't existed in Minnesota since 1990. He quoted a 2008 Hospitality Minnesota survey of restaurant owners that said state servers make an average of $15.43 an hour in wages plus gratuities.
And in case there is any confusion, this proposal is nothing more than a redistribution of funds from hard working Minnesotans to the wealthy business owners. And the GOP calls the liberals, socialists?!? Maybe they need to look in the mirror.


2nd Week

Second Week of Training

Integrated Defense
Weapons Cleaning
Career Guidance
Recruit Living Area Progress Check