Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yes, That's Her!

Yes, that;s my sister leaning over the table on the front page of the Strib. Both her and my mom participated in the recount efforts, yesterday. My take is very simple numbers:
By day's end, more than 400 ballots were challenged, with the vast majority coming from Emmer's side. County officials declared half of those challenges "frivolous," meaning they remain in the current count but could get another look.

According to a final tally released by secretary of state Monday night, taking challenged votes out of the count did little to change the overall vote

margin. Dayton picked up 20 votes while Emmer lost four.

Dayton now leads Emmer 43.6 percent to 43.2 percent -- a margin of 8,794 votes.
Folks, according the the SoS site, almost half (44.65%) of the votes have been looked at, and the results have barely budged. There is not path to the Governor's mansion for Emmer. So the question that becomes more clear, is whether the Right risks losing the independents and moderates to go on a wild goose chase to suppress the will of the electorate.

It seems to me, that cooler heads will prevail. The Right has a prime opportunity to show the people of Minnesota they can be sensible, and then govern from the platform that they ran on. If they try to do that with an end around of the electoral system, they could become a permanent minority in two year. I would think the last thing they want is for the DFL to hold all three branches of government. If they are willing to see the writing on the wall, they will have a much better chance of keeping their majorities in both chambers come 2012.


Friday, November 19, 2010

8 Years!

Eight years ago, today, Centrisity was born. In that time. congressional controls has swung Left, and back Right. The President is of a different party. My grade school kids are now fledgling Adults, well except for the youngest, who is a Senior in high school, now.

My oldest spent 5 years in the marine corps, including a trip to the sandbox. And the #3 son is active duty in the Air Force. I've lost two best friends, watched my nephews grow up and marry. My parents enjoy good health, I'm still madly in love with my wife, and the Drum Corps has gone from middle of the pack to Championship contenders.

I haven't written much, recently. Attempts to stick to policy get drowned out by members of the smear machine who can't even take time to see the good that is happening right now. I'm not sure what will happen next, on these pages. But an 8 year investment isn't something I just want to walk away from. I still plan on lying low as I watch the recount, the holidays, and the world. At some point the fire will burn again, but time is a treasured resource. As I shuffle my priorities, Centrisity will soon find a place on that list.

Thanks to many of you for sharing this journey with me. 8 years is a long time, let's hope that time will continue to grow.

Kurt 'Flash' Schiebel

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thanks for your Service!

I special Thank You to the newest Veteran to be, Airman Nick!

He is currently excelling at Keesler AFB on track for Tech School Graduation in mid December. He will then get a couple weeks off for Christmas Exodus where we'll have much to catch up on.

He had an opportunity to go to Japan for his first assignment, but decided that getting more training and being involved in the meet of the Air Force beet going over seas to a Sit down Help Desk Job. He's got 6 years, I am sure he'll get to travel some over that time.

Also a salute to Sgt. Tom, who continues to enjoy his inactive reserve status. He is attending College in San Diego and actually called last night. He needed to check up on his brother still at home.

Thanks, gentleman! You have made me very proud!


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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Please Vote!

The fear and Smear from the Right is over. The failed campaign of the Left is done.

The Right successfully deceived the electorate, as is their practice. The Left limped along without even attempting to show where we were at two years ago, and how much better we are today.

Fortunately, Minnesota is ahead of the curve. We tried it their way and it has cost us dearly, in jobs, in education, in basic infrastructure needs.

So while the US House slips away, the US Senate majority narrows, and Nationally the midterm massacre will take the President's working majority away, Minnesota will be a bright spot. For the first time in almost 20 years there will be a Democratic Governor and a House and Senate willing to work together to steer this great State back into economic prosperity.

The news tonight will be bleak for common sense Moderates, and progressives, but the talking heads will come back to Minnesota as that oasis of sanity. We tried it there way, it simply doesn't work. The memory of the National electorate is short, but that is not the case in the great state of Minnesota.