Thursday, November 11, 2004

Thank You!

In Honor of Veterans' Day

To all those who are serving and have served in the protection of our freedoms I say Thank You.

Here are a few of my relatives who have served along the way:

Seth Trowbridge (4G Grampa), Revolutionary War

Ansel Eaton (GG Uncle), Civil War

GrandPa Otto WWI and WW II

Bob Dummer (Uncle), WWII

Uncle Stan Dummer Navy WWII

Uncle Lamoyne Dummer Navy WWII, Army, Viet Nam

Uncle Emery Vane Dummer Navy WWII

Uncle Jim Eaton Navy WWII

my Father, Robert Schiebel, Korea

and My Nephew, Dustin Lee Imholte.

Thanks to all those who served for your honor and courage in defense of this great nation. It is individuals like you, that allow individuals like me, to prosper in this great land!


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