Monday, November 15, 2004

Mass Exodus

The grocery list keeps getting longer for the President. Several more cabinet members are high tailing it from the second term of the administration. CNN reports Powell (State), Paige (Education), Abraham (Energy) and Veneman (Agriculture) are resigning. Add that to Ashcroft (Justice) and Evans (Commerce) from last week, and you don't have much of a cabinet left.

It is not unusual for a shake up to take place leading into a second term for a President, but this seems like a wholesale make-over.

If Conodleza Rice (National Security Advisor) grabs the State post, as expected, then there will be her postion that will transition as well.

I wonder if this is part and parcel to the marching orders received at the CIA. New Director Porter Gross is reported to be under a White House directive to eliminate officers who were disloyal to Bush.

So much for an open mind and a desire to consider all possible options.


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