Friday, November 05, 2004

Pondering out loud . . .

I am not proposing to do this literally, I just went everyone to think about this long and hard. I want you to put on your objectivity caps, and process the following scenario.

Let's have all the people who voted red, move to the Red states, and those that voted Blue, move to the Blue states.

These two new socioeconomic environments would be limited to the geography, infrastructure, and the skills sets of their individual constituencies, that are within their borders.

Think about the top 3 or 4 base demographics of each groups, and how many of them could contribute to the respective efforts. Consider how many of them there would be, and what they could do to contribute.

Recognize the full realm of possibilities within each new geo/econo/ecological dome.

See what happens when a guy get's home from work, goes out to the garage, and has a couple beers? Now i'll be thinking about this all weekend.


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