Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I Voted for my Mom

I gave up my AM blogging time to get to the polling location first thing in the AM. I have NEVER had to stand in line before in my life. Today, it was about an hour wait. I gladly stood in line as I watched what will be the largest voter turnout in Minnesota history.

I feel those butterflies and anxiety I do at every election, but still can't fathom how the results will be anything but a Kerry Victory.

I have confidence in the intellect of the electorate, but will respect the decision of the masses.

I did write in Scott 'Big Trunk' Johnson for one of the unopposed Supreme Court seats. An impromptu write in campaign began yesterday over at Fraters yesterday, so I figured what the hey!

So I'm off to work. More later regarding my plans for this evening.


UPDATE: Welcome Frater's Folks. I'll be here tomorrow to gloat on the Kerry victory, or offer my congratulations on the re-election of George. Either way, you'll find I am more open minded then the average Lefty. I mean, I did vote for Scott, didn't I *grin*

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