Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another Broken Record

Another struggling company squeaking by during Bush's second Recession in as many terms:
NEW YORK ( -- Exxon Mobil once again reported the largest quarterly profit in U.S. history Thursday, posting net income of $11.68 billion on revenue of $138 billion in the second quarter.

That profit works out to NEW YORK ( -- Exxon Mobil once again reported the largest quarterly profit in U.S. history Thursday, posting net income of $11.68 billion on revenue of $138 billion in the second quarter.

That profit works out to $1,485.55 a second. .
Repeat $1,485.55 a second

And yes, they broke their own record from last fall.

Glad at least someone is weathering this economic Republican induced tumult.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Heart Beat Away

As early as today, Gov Tim Pawlenty will be chosen as Sen McCain's running mate revealing the biggest unkept secret of this presidential election cycle. To wit:
Take this for what it's worth--and it may not be much--but a source well-connected in Minnesota politics (and in a position to know) is pretty sure Tim Pawlenty has pulled out of one or two events scheduled there for tomorrow. Assuming that's right, I guess it could mean any number of things: 1.) There was some random, non-veepstakes-related conflict that forced the change of schedule. 2.) McCain or his vetters intend to meet with Pawlenty tomorrow, possibly somewhere outside Minnesota. 3.) McCain intends to announce his veep pick tomorrow and has asked several short-listers to clear their schedules. 4.) McCain intends to announce Pawlenty as his running mate tomorrow.
And then we have the other TNR:
A source tells me that Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty is John McCain's choice, and that the announcement is coming very soon.
Youth and exuberance -vs- age and treachery, all on the same ticket.


Monday, July 28, 2008

My Visit with Paul

It wasn't planned, it just kind of happened.

On the way up north, just before Eveleth, we noticed a sign for the Paul Wellstone Memorial. I hadn't been to the crash site yet, but was never really aware of how to get there. While at the cabin I mentioned to 'Buhl' I had seen the sign and he stated that it was just a couple miles off the highway, well signed, and easy to get to. It wasn't till we were on our way home that I saw the sign for Eveleth and mentioned to the lovely Mrs. Flash that I had an interest in stopping by. Being a Michigander she was not as familiar with Paul, but since she has been in Minnesota over 10 year, she understood his impact to the state.

We saw the big Brown sign again, and made the turn. Tucked away in the brush was a small brown sign pointing ahead, stating 3 miles . . . then it hit me. My lip began to quiver a bit, my eyes welled, and everything came back from that day in October almost 6 years ago. It seemed like the longest 3 miles of my life. I stared at the odometer watching the tenths tick . . . 2.6 . . . 2.7 . . . and than off to the side was a driveway of sorts, and a grouping of rocks. We were there already.

From the airy entrance there are two paths, one off to the right that takes you to within 2000 feet of the actual crash site, and one off to the left which takes you to a pair of circular paths, the inside tract has memorials to the passengers aboard, the outside is Paul's legacy trail. We opted to go right to begin.

The walk down the S-curved path was the most emotional for me. To have all of Paul's work and commitment come to mind, and have it gone in an instant seems so wrong on so many levels. Making the last curve, there is a T shaped viewing platform looking out into the distance. Benches set on the deck for those to sit and reflect.

We went back down to the main entrance, and back up the left trail to the memorial circle. You can see on the picture there is a stone at the end of the trail. This is Paul and Sheila's memorial stone.Around memorial circle are large stones remembering each of the victims. The areas have a bench near each spot for reflection. As you can see at the base of Paul and Sheila's, many have left trinkets and other mementos. It was very moving. We took a moment to pause at each of the markers, as a sign of respect of those that lost their lives. It was quite sureal.

Finally we walked the outside path or Legacy Trail. Here are narratives describing Paul's life and legacy. From his beginning as a community organizer, to his membership in the United States Senate.

The trail is well designed and takes you quietly through Paul's career, the final narrative being a tribute to his wife, Sheila. Anyone who knew Paul and his family would not be surprised by this. Sheila was the rock of the family and without her strong support and commitment to the life she shared with Paul, his legacy would have been significantly restricted.

I do not hold Senator Wellstone up on some pedestal, he wouldn't want that and it just wasn't him. Paul was a regular folk who had a commitment to making this world a better place. He was not afraid to stand up for what he thought were wrongs, even though in some instances he stood alone. But there was a reason Paul was able to get those from across the aisle to vote for him, even when their ideals were at polar opposites. He had that knack that Sen. Obama pointed out to me when discussing his good friend, another Paul, Senator Paul Simon:
He was one of these guys who had what would be considered a very liberal voting record. Yet he always did well in conservative areas. Nobody could ever figure out why accept for the fact that he had mastered the art of disagreeing without being disagreeable. I think that’s one thing that American politics generally would benefit from is being able to disagree, sometimes forcefully, without name calling and without viciousness.
Disagreeing without being disagreeable. Now wouldn't that be nice.

Thanks, Paul, for making this world a better place!! You continue to be deeply missed by those that understand and respect your efforts!

UPDATE: A great site with pictures of the other Memorial Stones can be found HERE.

All pics including readable shots of the narratives along the legacy trail can be found here.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Home Again!

The picture you see was my view for the last five days. Special thanks to good friend and occasional commenter 'Buhl' who hosted my family for our annual lakeside retreat. This quaint cottage on the shores of Lake Leander near Britt, MN, was a perfect get away for my wife, and two youngest boys. I look forward to our return next year, but was ready to come home.

On the way home, we made a brief stop just south of Eveleth. I wanted to have a visit with my late friend Paul. I'll talk about that visit tomorrow, with some pics. For now, here is what I saw when I first pulled into the memorial location (click to enlarge). The verse in the upper right corner states; "As the rescue crews were approaching the crash site, eagles were sighted soaring above . . ."

The visit was unplanned yet impulsive, almost like I was drawn there.

More tomorrow.

It's good to be home!


Monday, July 21, 2008

On Vacation!

The next couple days will be a whirlwind as I finish up at work and we prepare for a 5 day respit "up nort on da ranj"

I need a break from the Internet as much as a break from the big city.

Posting will be light, if not non existent during the week.

Be safe until I get back.


Friday, July 18, 2008

Time on Satire

Common sense can be found here. A teaser:
Has America lost its sense of humor? If it seems that way, perhaps that's because dourness is effective politics. In Minnesota, former SNL comic Al Franken hit trouble in his Senate race because of the dark legacy of his past: not drug use or infidelity but a joke he made in 1995 about 60 Minutes' Andy Rooney being a rapist. His opponent, Norm Coleman, and Coleman's surrogates jumped on the joke, accusing Franken of thinking rape is funny.

Of course, Franken's joke was never about rape being funny but about the absurdity of imagining a beloved TV curmudgeon as a rapist. That may not be your cup of tea, but it's the same kind of dark impulse that inspires gender-conscious comedian Sarah Silverman's humor: "I was raped by a doctor--which is so bittersweet for a Jewish girl." Does that mean she hates women too?

Naming Rights

Some things you can't even make up:
SAN FRANCISCO, California (AP) -- A measure seeking to commemorate President Bush's years in office by slapping his name on a San Francisco sewage plant has qualified for the November ballot.

The measure certified Thursday would rename the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant the George W. Bush Sewage Plant.

Supporters say the idea is to commemorate the mess they claim Bush has left behind by actions such as the war in Iraq.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A glimpse

Six Hours of visitors (4:30 pm - 10:30 PM; Sitemeter stats) ) and where they came from:

1 United States Chillicothe, Ohio 648
2 United States Chicago, Illinois 347
3 United States Apex, North Carolina 983
4 United States Minneapolis, Minnesota 7*
5 United States Woodbridge, Virginia 923
6 United States Bloomingdale, Illinois 328
7 United States Lyndhurst, New Jersey 1,004
8 United States Levittown, New York 1,034
9 United States Leawood, Kansas 425
10 United States Denver, Colorado 702
11 United States Bronx, New York 1,013
12 United States Oakland, California 1,575
13 United States Smyrna, Georgia 893
14 United States Artesia, California 1,525
15 United States Reno, Nevada 1,405
16 United States Dane, Wisconsin 216
17 United States West Des Moines, Iowa 237
18 United States Plano, Texas 845
19 United States Chantilly, Virginia 905
20 United States Raleigh, North Carolina 984
21 United States Los Angeles, California 1,528
22 United States Milwaukee, Wisconsin 290
23 United States Miami, Florida 1,506
24 United States Little Falls, New Jersey 996
25 Canada Hamilton, Ontario 670
26 United States Pine Island, New York 972
27 United States Port Richey, Florida 1,285
28 Canada Hamilton, Ontario 670
29 United States Rochester, New York 780
30 United States San Diego, California 1,528
31 United States Albertville, Minnesota 31*
32 United States Rochester, New York 780
33 United States San Leandro, California 1,575
34 United States Houston, Texas 1,056
35 United States New City, New York 999
36 Canada Toronto, Ontario 684
37 United States Williamsburg, Virginia 1,005
38 United States Evansville, Indiana 561
39 United States Rochester, New York 777
40 United States Lake Worth, Florida 1,459
41 United States Ketchum, Oklahoma 591
42 United States Lansdale, Pennsylvania 963
43 United States Valparaiso, Indiana 390
44 Ireland Dublin 3,720
45 United States Rochester, New Hampshire 1,101
46 United States Charlotte, North Carolina 935
47 United States Levittown, Pennsylvania 986
48 United States Opa Locka, Florida 1,495
49 United States 520
50 United States Fort Worth, Texas 872
51 Canada Lunenburg, Nova Scotia 1,409
52 Unknown ?
53 United States Bay Village, Ohio 612
54 United States Los Angeles, California 1,528
55 United States Andover, Massachusetts 1,104
56 Canada Vancouver, British Columbia 1,430
57 United States Macon, Georgia 979
58 United States Minneapolis, Minnesota 7*
59 United States Saint Paul, Minnesota 3*
60 United States Sanford, Maine 1,111
61 United States Le Sueur, Minnesota 50*
62 United States Macon, Georgia 979
63 United States Danville, Indiana 492
64 Canada Toronto, Ontario 684
65 United States Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 737
66 United States Resaca, Georgia 839
67 Canada Kitchener, Ontario 634
68 Canada 1,041
69 Canada Burlington, Ontario 671
70 Canada Halifax, Nova Scotia 1,440
71 United States Eau Claire, Wisconsin 80
72 Canada Vancouver, British Columbia 1,430
73 United States Minneapolis, Minnesota 7*
74 United States Richmond, Virginia 959
75 United States Beaverton, Oregon 1,436
76 United States San Francisco, California 1,585
77 Canada 1,041
78 Canada 1,041
79 Canada Toronto, Ontario 684
80 United States Virginia Beach, Virginia 1,064
81 Canada 1,041
82 United States Rockville, Maryland 915
83 Canada Vancouver, British Columbia 1,430
84 United States Minneapolis, Minnesota 7*
85 United States Clive, Iowa 233
86 United States Pasadena, California 1,516
87 United States Fort Worth, Texas 872
88 Germany Wrzburg, Bayern 4,429
89 United States Omaha, Nebraska 294
90 United States Farmington, Michigan 517
91 United States Madison, Wisconsin 228
92 United States Wallingford, Connecticut 1,049
93 United States Norfolk, Virginia 1,040
94 United States Glendale, California 1,521
95 United States Mahopac, New York 1,005
96 United States Chicago, Illinois 348
97 France Paris, Ile-de-France 4,199
98 United States East Brunswick, New Jersey 998
99 United States Watertown, Connecticut 1,031
100 Unknown ?

Save a Buck or Two

Two of my favorite "Hit at least once a day" sites;

CNet's 'The Cheapskate'

Giveaway of the Day

Another friendly service provided by your staff here at Centrisity.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

RUSH on Colbert!!

RUSH will be on Colbert, tonight. Not 'him', the greatest Rock band of all time!!
NEW YORK - Rush will be appearing on "The Colbert Report," and it's not Limbaugh.

The Canadian band Rush, which hasn't performed on U.S. television in more than three decades, will play their classic "Tom Sawyer" on the Comedy Central show Wednesday (11:30 p.m. EST). The Geddy Lee-led trio, which is currently on tour, hasn't played on U.S. television since 1975.
GiGi will finally get to experience the best of the best. I don't usually watch the show, but I will tonight.


RushIsABand Thread

The Clip. AMAZING to see them!!

Twin Wins!

Yes, I stayed up till the bitter end, and there was nothing bitter about it:
NEW YORK (AP) -- Baseball's All-Stars came to say goodbye to Yankee Stadium -- and what a long, long goodbye it was.

In a game that started Tuesday night and faded well into Wednesday, Justin Morneau slid home just in time on Michael Young's sacrifice fly in the 15th inning, giving the American League a 4-3 victory that extended its unbeaten streak to 12.
It was worth it.

I have a busy morning, maybe more later!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

GOP leaning Pollster; Franken Up By 2

Relatively reliable Republican leaning pollster shares the bad news for Coleman:
Monday, July 14, 2008
The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Minnesota voters shows Democrat Al Franken attracting 44% of the vote and incumbent Republican Norm Coleman earning 42%. A month ago, it was Coleman 48% and Franken 45%.
OK, first lets be clear, this is Coleman's race to lose, and I struggle with justifying a Franken victory, but these numbers are amazing. After an all out onslaught by the local Paid by Republican Smear merchant, with the assist from the MNGOP, and their guy lost ground, a lot of it.

Smear politics doesn't play well in this state anymore. The electorate wants to talk policy, not made up buffoonery.

So go ahead Right Wing Smear merchants, keep it up. At this rate Franken will win by 10, and if that happens, I will be forced to got to one of those 'Faux' Bi Partisan Happy Hours MikeDE likes to have when he holds court and buy him a Zima as a thank you for all his efforts in seeing to a Franken victory.


PS: Yes, I know about the Survey USA numbers, another Right leaning pollster, but that is clearly an outlier when you look at other numbers and their trends.

Wile E. Coyote in Iran

via Cagle:

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sgt. Tom; 4 Weeks to Deploy

I heard from my son this weekend. He is shipping out to Alaska for a few weeks then off to Al Asad airbase in Iraq for 6 months. He is as ready now as he was when he visited last Spring! In the note he references the Parade pics from the 4th:
I'm Doing pretty good. I am about 1 month out from deploying. However I am heading to Alaska on Sunday and I will be deploying from there. I will send out my address as soon as I have it. I saw those pics pretty cool! However I will have to show the boys proper rifle and sword carries OOO-RAH!!!! LOL. You guys looked good!
He also hyped on the NEW GI Bill, you know, the one Obama supported and voted for, where McCain didn't even bother to show up for the vote, but made it clear he would have voted no anyway:
The marine corps. is treating me pretty well, my MOS bonus just went up for re-enlisting. Oh and the new GI bill is great. So the plan is to do one more enlistment and get as much college done in that time
That's my boy, planning ahead and looking towards the future.

I wish I could have seen him before he got so busy, but he'll keep me posted. I'll be sure to share with you any news I get. I have been hesitant posting a service flag on Centrisity, but once his boots are on the ground, it will go up for sure!

Proud Marine Dad!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tony Snow, Gone at 53

When Tony was first diagnosed with cancer, back in 2005, I sent him a note as did many well wishers
Mr. Snow:

I can't say that I watch you and I can't say that I am a fan, but I CAN care.

My hopes and prayers go out to you and your family as you travel this difficult road. All my hopes for a quick and speedy recovery.
Much to my astonishment I received a reply:
Thanks for the kind e-mail. It means even more to me because you're not a "fan." I have been amazed, but not completely surprised, by the goodness and decency of people I encounter. You fit that mold, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Tony Snow
I grew to like Tony, it is with a heavy heart that we say good bye to him today.

All my hopes to the Snow family during this difficult time.


Friday, July 11, 2008

NoDak up for Grabs

Poor Mitch, this has to sting a little:
North Dakota is as safe a Republican state as any in Presidential elections. George W. Bush carried the state by twenty-seven points in Election 2004 and twenty-eight points four years earlier. The state has voted for a Democratic Presidential candidate just once since 1936 and three times since 1916.

Despite that history, John McCain and Barack Obama are tied in the latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of North Dakota voters. Both men earn 43% of the vote.
Now, polls are only a picture in time, but this does add credence to my observation from the other day. But what this really shows, is that McCain's electoral map is getting smaller and smaller. He simply can not afford to spend time in traditional Red states if he is going to make head way in the 2008 swing states. Whereas Obama is opening up larger leads in Bule sttes, allowing him to spend time in the swings, and more traditional red states.

Ta think we are less than four months away.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Amy Did the Right Thing!

Sen. Klobuchar set her self up for some electoral challenges, but it would not stop her from being true, consistent, and fair on FISA. The Senator did not waiver on her commitment to protect the rights of the constituency she represents, nor crumble at the call from the Big telecoms or the White House itself.

Many have chastised her for the cloture vote last week without understanding this was the only way to at least attempt to repair the bill, specifically with protecting criminals by granting retroactive immunity. That vote was to invoke cloture on the motion to proceed, NOT cloture on the bill itself! A good faith effort was needed to show that at least an attempt would be made to correct the flaws in this failed piece of legislation. She voted for the Dodd amendments and other tweaks that would have made this bill more solid. In the end those items failed, and when the final cloture voted came up (Motion to Invoke Cloture on H.R. 6304) she voted against it. When that failed, she voted against the bill as well.

Our Senator voted exactly as she should have in every instance, and any attempt by like minded individuals to claim she was not on the correct side the whole times are people who simply don't understand the process.

I stand with many today in thanking the Senator for her hard work and tireless effort to protect us from those who would rather protect criminals.



Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Ventura In?

Hang On, we have hit some turbulence:
In an interview with NPR's David Welna that ran today former Gov. Jesse "The Body" Ventura, Ind-Minn., says he will run for Senate, challenging incumbent Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn., whom Ventura defeated for governor in 1998, as well as Democratic nominee and former Saturday Night Live humorist Al Franken.

Ventura, born Jim Janos, tells Welna that the main reason he's running is because of Coleman's support for the war in Iraq. "That's the reason I run," he says. "I run because it angers me...All you Minnesotans take a good hard look at all three of us. And you decide: if you were in a dark alley which one of the three of us would you want with you?
The Doctor voted for him once, I wonder if he wuld again. I hope so *grin*


Smaller Three

via John Cole:

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Smart Republicans

Yes, there are smart Republicans, and now that Sen. Obama has solidified his base, captured the middle, he is now moving those smart Republicans into his camp:
An increasing number of disaffected Republicans fed up with what they see as President Bush's broken promises and unimpressed with John McCain say they may be switching teams in November to vote for Democratic candidate Barack Obama
Who are some of these GOoPers that have saw the light:
Among the reformed righties now hoping for an Obama victory are free-market economist David Friedman, former Reagan aide Douglas Kmiec, Contract With America co-author Larry Hunter and Susan Eisenhower, granddaughter of the former president
There's more insight at the SF Chronicle:
"The untold story of the Bush administration is the deliberate annihilation of the Reaganite, small-government wing of the Republican Party," said Michael Greve, director of the Federalism Project at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank. "A lot of people are very bitter about it."

Many conservatives and their brethren, the free-market, socially liberal libertarians, are deeply skeptical of Obama's rhetorical flirtations with free-market ideas and view his policies as orthodox liberalism. Yet one measure of their rupture with the GOP is their open disregard for Republican nominee John McCain and their now almost-wistful view of a president the Republicans tried to impeach.
And then they point out the main symptom, which is even more prevalent here in the local blogosphere:
(S)entiments reflect a collapse of the "big tent" conservative coalition that Republican President Ronald Reagan forged in 1980, uniting free-market, small-government types, Christian evangelicals, cultural traditionalists and anti-communists, now called neoconservatives.
Local Scaifers have abandoned the big tent nature, and with their more recent treatment of the override 6, clearly shows they are all but willing to take a mulligan on this election cycle. That attitude and behavior may make them feel all warm and fuzzy, but it is alienating the voters they need to become viable. An E-Mail like this one show the trend is more then fodder for a national blog screed:
A Republican friend , business owner, pulled me aside and told me he is voting as an Independent this year, and he and his wife are voting for Obama. He is very angry at Bush and thinks McCain would even make it worse. He wished he was brave enough to shout it from the house tops, but he has to think about his business too.
There is a lot of time between now and November, but with the GOP having major league base problems, they may never have a chance to court the middle. And without the middle, the electoral math is pretty tough.


Monday, July 07, 2008

Observations from the 4th

As noted, I was a pretty busy guy on Friday. When we arrived at our line up spot, the first thing I needed to do was check our line-up number. I noticed this blue gas guzzling SUV parked on the corner, and as I got closer, it turned out to be Dick Day's campaign vehicle. Now, of all the modes of transportation he could have chosen to get around Southern MN, I would have at least went hybrid SUV, or something more consistent with the current state of the economy, but apparently not Out of Touch Dick.

When I found out what our parade number was, I was a bit frustrated. The DFL float was #14, we were #22. That wasn't so bad until I found out the AFSCME float full of union members was 20, to Dick Day's 21. How convenient for him to be sandwiched between a labor Union float and a patriotic music group playing "Grand Old Flag". Fortunately, as Drum Major, I got to pick what the corps plays. We did our fair share of Grand Old Flag, but found it much more fitting to play our other tune, which seemed much more appropriate. It is called 'Sit on My Face" *laughing*

After Petertown, it was off to Apple Valley where we are the final unit in the parade. We raced to get there in time, and as is typical for any Drum Corps performance it was a lot of 'hurry up and wait'. Nothing eventful during this performance, just a lot of people, enjoying the revelry and appreciating our countries independence.

I hope your weekend was as great as mine. More blog fodder as the week progresses. I notice both candidates will be discussing the economy, maybe we will too!


Friday, July 04, 2008

Two Parades Equals One 4th of July

What a day!! Busy, exhausting, exhilarating, rewarding. My two youngest boys and I left for St. Peter, the ancestral home, Thursday PM and returned later this afternoon. As you can see in the pic (credit cousin Kyle Krohn), I was guest DM for the Govenaires today! The boys carried side-arm protecting the colors for the Old Fashioned 4th in Petertown, and lugged the Banner in the Apple Valley parade later in the day.

I am looking forward to an early trip to bed to rest up for Breakfast at Wimbledon, but as you can see it is after 11:00 already.

I'll have some more details tomorrow about this fantabulous day.

I hope you are having a safe and leisurely 4th of July weekend.

Happy Birthday US of A !!!


Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Good News on $4.00 Gas

Time has posted their own Top 10:
1. Globalized Jobs Return Home
(L)ast year, the cost of making and importing one of his favorite pieces, the Caballero chair, was ballooning. He was shipping Italian leather to Vietnam and then shipping the large chair back to the States. There were other problems too, like inflation in Vietnam. So last January, Willem Smith "repatriated" the Caballero to Hickory, N.C. That shift helps contain shipping costs and has other perks. "People are happy to buy American," Smith says. "And it felt kind of nice to bring this one home."

2. Sprawl Stalls
(W)rote economist Joe Cortright in the study, sponsored by CEOs for Cities, a nonprofit group that promotes cities. "Housing in cities and neighborhoods that require lengthy commutes and provide few transportation alternatives to the private vehicle are falling in value more precipitously than in more central, compact and accessible places."
and the rest:
3. Four-Day Workweeks
4. Less Pollution
5. More Frugality
Vespa scooter sales increased 106% in May compared with the same time last year; Ford SUV sales dropped 55% in June.
6. Fewer Traffic Deaths
7. Cheaper Insurance
8. Less Traffic
9. More Cops on the Beat
10. Less Obesity

Just the Facts

Some interesting factual information found in my travels this week.

Coal to oil is possible but very expensive and it leaves a very very dirty footprint(doubles the CO2 emissions) in the atmosphere. Not a real long term solution.

Someone tried to tell me the far left is making it impossible to expand our resources. The reality is the extremes of both parties make the main stream within their ideology look bad. Look, there are plenty of leases out there, both Off shore and in North Dakota and elsewhere. The Oil companies don't want to invest in those areas, they would rather round up some leases first and 'squat' in Alaska. Sorry, they need to work with the over 80% of the off shore leases they already have, and other permissions before they beg for more!

Furthermore, I agree 100%, Nuclear technology is significantly cleaner and further
along then the Three Mile Island days. Time to make that commitment.

Not my words, but information cobbled from the Internet
The U.S. is already drilling extensively, and oil companies have extensive untapped domestic resources. The OCS (Outer Continental Shelf) moratorium only protects 16% of the total recoverable oil resources in the OCS and 13.5% of the recoverable natural gas. Just 21% of OCS leases are in production. There are 7,740 active leases in the outer continental shelf and only 1,655 are in production. Of 45.5 million acres of federal lands leased to oil and gas companies, 31 million acres are not producing. There are 45.5 million acres of federal onshore lands currently leased by the oil and gas industry—but there are over 31 million acres not producing.[Comprehensive Inventory of U.S. OCS Oil and Natural Gas Resources, Department of Interior, 2/06]

Lifting the drilling Moratorium Would Have Minimal Impact on Gas Prices. The Bush Administration's own Energy Information Administration found OCS drilling would have no significant impact on crude oil prices – let alone gas prices – before 2030. Another Bush Administration analysis found that drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge would reduce oil prices by 75 cents a barrel – approximately 2 cents per gallon of gas – 18 years from now. As the EIA analyses note, OPEC can counteract the impact of any increase in U.S. production simply by increasing its own output. [Energy Information Administration, 2007, May 2008]

ExxonMobil pulled funding from radical groups, including the Institute for Energy Research. In May 2008, ExxonMobil announced they would no longer be funding organizations that take extreme positions on climate change. Reuters reported, "ExxonMobil Corp is pulling contributions to several groups that have downplayed the risks that greenhouse gas-emissions could lead to global warming, continuing a policy started in 2006 by Chief Executive Rex Tillerson. Exxon will not contribute to some nine groups in 2008 that it funded in 2007. It said in its corporate citizenship report that the groups' 'position on climate change could divert attention from the important discussion on how the world will secure the energy required for economic growth in an environmentally responsible manner.'" [Reuters, 5/23/08]

Independent government agency repeatedly shows drilling in ANWR to have negligible effect on price of oil, gas. The federal government's independent Energy Information Administration concluded in both March 2004 and May 2008 that drilling in ANWR would have a negligible effect on reducing America's dependence on foreign oil, and would lower the price of oil by no more than $1.44 a barrel, and possibly as little as 41 cents a barrel. [MSNBC, 3/16/04; US News and World Report,

Joint congressional committee concurs. In June 2008 a U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee analysis of federal-government data concluded that drilling in ANWR would reduce the price of gas by between one and four cents a gallon. [United States Congress Joint Economic Committee, 6/10/08]
I learned a lot this week. I'll have an Independence Day post up at some point, otherwise enjoy your extended weekend, stay safe, and be refreshed for the debate to continue!