Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Good News on $4.00 Gas

Time has posted their own Top 10:
1. Globalized Jobs Return Home
(L)ast year, the cost of making and importing one of his favorite pieces, the Caballero chair, was ballooning. He was shipping Italian leather to Vietnam and then shipping the large chair back to the States. There were other problems too, like inflation in Vietnam. So last January, Willem Smith "repatriated" the Caballero to Hickory, N.C. That shift helps contain shipping costs and has other perks. "People are happy to buy American," Smith says. "And it felt kind of nice to bring this one home."

2. Sprawl Stalls
(W)rote economist Joe Cortright in the study, sponsored by CEOs for Cities, a nonprofit group that promotes cities. "Housing in cities and neighborhoods that require lengthy commutes and provide few transportation alternatives to the private vehicle are falling in value more precipitously than in more central, compact and accessible places."
and the rest:
3. Four-Day Workweeks
4. Less Pollution
5. More Frugality
Vespa scooter sales increased 106% in May compared with the same time last year; Ford SUV sales dropped 55% in June.
6. Fewer Traffic Deaths
7. Cheaper Insurance
8. Less Traffic
9. More Cops on the Beat
10. Less Obesity

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