Friday, July 11, 2008

NoDak up for Grabs

Poor Mitch, this has to sting a little:
North Dakota is as safe a Republican state as any in Presidential elections. George W. Bush carried the state by twenty-seven points in Election 2004 and twenty-eight points four years earlier. The state has voted for a Democratic Presidential candidate just once since 1936 and three times since 1916.

Despite that history, John McCain and Barack Obama are tied in the latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of North Dakota voters. Both men earn 43% of the vote.
Now, polls are only a picture in time, but this does add credence to my observation from the other day. But what this really shows, is that McCain's electoral map is getting smaller and smaller. He simply can not afford to spend time in traditional Red states if he is going to make head way in the 2008 swing states. Whereas Obama is opening up larger leads in Bule sttes, allowing him to spend time in the swings, and more traditional red states.

Ta think we are less than four months away.


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