Thursday, July 10, 2008

Amy Did the Right Thing!

Sen. Klobuchar set her self up for some electoral challenges, but it would not stop her from being true, consistent, and fair on FISA. The Senator did not waiver on her commitment to protect the rights of the constituency she represents, nor crumble at the call from the Big telecoms or the White House itself.

Many have chastised her for the cloture vote last week without understanding this was the only way to at least attempt to repair the bill, specifically with protecting criminals by granting retroactive immunity. That vote was to invoke cloture on the motion to proceed, NOT cloture on the bill itself! A good faith effort was needed to show that at least an attempt would be made to correct the flaws in this failed piece of legislation. She voted for the Dodd amendments and other tweaks that would have made this bill more solid. In the end those items failed, and when the final cloture voted came up (Motion to Invoke Cloture on H.R. 6304) she voted against it. When that failed, she voted against the bill as well.

Our Senator voted exactly as she should have in every instance, and any attempt by like minded individuals to claim she was not on the correct side the whole times are people who simply don't understand the process.

I stand with many today in thanking the Senator for her hard work and tireless effort to protect us from those who would rather protect criminals.



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