Tuesday, July 15, 2008

GOP leaning Pollster; Franken Up By 2

Relatively reliable Republican leaning pollster shares the bad news for Coleman:
Monday, July 14, 2008
The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Minnesota voters shows Democrat Al Franken attracting 44% of the vote and incumbent Republican Norm Coleman earning 42%. A month ago, it was Coleman 48% and Franken 45%.
OK, first lets be clear, this is Coleman's race to lose, and I struggle with justifying a Franken victory, but these numbers are amazing. After an all out onslaught by the local Paid by Republican Smear merchant, with the assist from the MNGOP, and their guy lost ground, a lot of it.

Smear politics doesn't play well in this state anymore. The electorate wants to talk policy, not made up buffoonery.

So go ahead Right Wing Smear merchants, keep it up. At this rate Franken will win by 10, and if that happens, I will be forced to got to one of those 'Faux' Bi Partisan Happy Hours MikeDE likes to have when he holds court and buy him a Zima as a thank you for all his efforts in seeing to a Franken victory.


PS: Yes, I know about the Survey USA numbers, another Right leaning pollster, but that is clearly an outlier when you look at other numbers and their trends.

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