Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Michael and Me

The Frater's boys are pissing all over Michael Moore, as expected. I always figure, the more upset and frustrated one gets over the actions of an individual, the more they must fear them. How can they sit atop their domain, spewing venom at the film maker, without having even seen the film, is beyond my. So I'll make a deal.

If they go see Fahrenheit 9/11, I'll go see the true political hate film coming out later, 'Michael Moore Hates America'.

Keep in mind, the true patriots of this country, were the dissenters that were being stifled by the British occupiers. Anyone can follow the crowd, it takes a true patriot to publicly dissent when they feel the country is being mislead.


Major shifts in the sidebar over the weekend. Keep in mind that the shifts are all the result of the latest Faux News polls, and their flawed polling methods. Look for the pendulum to swing back to stability, when more credible polls are released.


UPDATE: Samboni moved Florida off the GW plate, and into the deadlock category, with the release of the Qunnipiac poll. The poll (6/23 - 6/27) has the race at 43% each. A far cry from the Fox 10+ Bush lead.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

I Met 'Layne'

I had been reading Plain Layne since last fall. Either it was a Shot in the Dark post, or a click of one of the comments there. I'ld link to 'her', but she doesn't exist anymore. Not in real life, and no longer on the blogosphere.

Plain Layne was a diary blog. 'She' wrote of 'her' daily exploits. The ups and down of a bisexual, 26 year old, info waif. The writing was gripping. Her experiences were almost to much to believe, but many did, and so did I. In the end, Layne just disappeared. Her URL, for awhile, generated a polish server upgrade message. That too was nothing more then a java script 'she' found one day while traversing the net.

Many began speculating about the identity of the author. There were those who were adamant she was the real deal. Others were convinced it was all a product of fiction, and a few, who refused to see the evidence and wanted her to be true. That was not to be. Mitch broke the story, and then followed it up with some specifics. Later, a site popped up by the Emitter, claiming to be the author, who explained what he felt was necessary, to provide closure on the Layne sage.

A few days ago, merely coincidentally, I met 'Layne'. It seemed like I knew who it was before we were introduced. With a shake of hands, and a smile on our faces, I simply said 'Ya got me, Nice job!!'

We chatted briefly about the writing, whether or not I commented, and why the sudden expiration of one of the most popular diary blogs on the net. In speaking with 'Layne' and other information I have gathered, I am amongst the fortunate few who was able to ask, face to face, the questions that many have. Who is the girl in the Picture? Why? How much was real? and many of the other inqusitive queries that have been flying through the blogoshpere over the last couple weeks.

Who is the girl in the picture? I don't think anyone really needs to know exactly who she is. I still don't know. I only know she's as fictional as a lot of people thought. I respected his answer, as I hope you all do.

Why create the blog? The best answer is the simplest one, because he could. However, the hours of character creation and development was time consuming. With the startup (which is real) evolving into a possible reality, the time used writing Plain Layne would no longer be available.

How much was real? I believe the vast majority of the writings were based on real events or past experiences. Characters were composites of individuals in the writers life. A combination of those they knew and lives they led. The hook, of course, was the soft core sexual experiences. And as it has been said by many of those who lived in Layne's comment box, only a guy would have written it the way it was.

Many are doubting the explanation given by the Emitter. I am satisfied with not only the explanation, but the truth and sincerity in the post. We talked about the medical condition (I saw the scar from the most recent surgery) specifically, and I believe him.

Many are grieving the loss of 'Layne'. They feel deceived and are angry. I hope they recognize that they are responsible for choosing to believe this fine presentation of interactive fiction. I hope they eventually take the high road, and recognize the power in the prose as presented by 'Layne', and simply accept the fact, like I did.

Emitter, I'll say it again, 'Ya got me, Nice job!!', hey!


UPDATE: The Mercury news published this (Free subscription required) article on Sunday.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Looking Good

I stopped down at Mitch's for a moment. Looks like many hands make light work. Several people were chipping in to spruce up his homestead. Here's a peek:


Friday, June 25, 2004

Boy could he play

This afternoon, a friend of mine will be buried. The sidebar has a 'March till you die' link. It points to Minnesota Brass, Incorporated, a Drum and Bugle corps based out of the Twin Cities. One of Frank's dreams was to perform a full season with a Drum and Bugle Corps. In 1991, he picked us, and he fit right in. He was one of the nicest, most personable guys I have ever met.

Frank Minear had some serious chops. His most notable 'gig' was when he performed and recorded with the Stan Kenton band. But his passion was the kids, and he left the stage to direct and teach students in the Olympia, Washington area.

Frank will be missed, but not forgotten. I have put together a short 4 minute tribute video that can be found at the tribute page put together on the MN Brass website here Regardless of your interest in drum corps, or the marching arts, you will be struck by his talent and effortless performance abilities.

Thank you Frank, for enriching my life. You will be missed!

That was just practice

Congratulations to the Frater's boys, who creamed the competition at Keagan's last night. More then the trivia, it was great to put faces to names, something that doesn't always happen very often in the blogosphere. I have said this before, the beauty of our republic, is that even as we dissent, we can still break bread with our brethren, instead of planning a suicide bombing. I was outnumbered, as everyone else at the table was Right of center, but it did provide stimulating and respectful conversations

Anywho, we'll make another attempt at unseating the perennial trivia champs in a couple weeks, Until then, I'll keep watching Ken kick ass on Jeopardy. 17 wins (They dropped the five and out rule this year) and over a half million dollars. Maybe we should see if he is free to join the Minnehaha All Stars (Mitch, The Doctor, and myself) in a couple weeks.


Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Trivial Pursuit

The Doctor, and I will be joining Mitch for a little trivia competition at Keagan's Pub on Thursday.

Not sure what will be more fun, beating The Elder in Company in some Q & A , or being tagged teamed by a bunch of Righties. Either way, I think I can hold my own!

Then and Now


'The world is safer under my leadership' GW Bush


Updated Terror Report Shows Rise in Victims

This is real simple math, people.


Sunday, June 20, 2004

In his own words

Mitch writes in my comments:
OK, Flash: Show us where the Administration ever claimed there was a link between Hussein and 9/11.

Links to Atrios don't count as "proof", by the way.
To which I direct you to this letter from George
Text of a Letter from the President to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and President Pro Tempore of the Senate

I have also determined that the use of armed force against Iraq is consistent with the United States and other countries continuing to take the necessary actions against international terrorists and terrorist organizations, including those nations, organizations, or persons who planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001.



In short, the use of force against Iraq is consistent with the US efforts to take action against nations who planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on 9/11.

Spin all you want, but this is pretty clear!

Don't worry MItch, I'll understand if this source has credibility issues. I know I have a problem believing him these days, too.


Saturday, June 19, 2004

The light at the end of the tunnel shines brightly

I am finishing up the remodel job today. I wish I would have taken before pics, because the changes are simply stunning!. The boys are very excited about their new digs, and I am excited to get this major project off my honey-do list. Don't think for a second that list is clear, I still have items to take care of, but not for a few days anyway.

I look forward to posting on the 'Rights' goal post relocation plan. It is astonishing how they are denying they ever claimed a 9/11 - AQ - SoDamn link. Fortunately for us, the facts are clear. But sometimes, the Right doesn't understand what facts are.

More later


Monday, June 14, 2004

"Bill Clinton could always see a better day ahead, and Americans knew he was working hard to bring that day closer. Over eight years, it was clear that Bill Clinton loved the job of the presidency. He filled this house with energy and joy."
GW Bush at the unveiling of President Clinton's portrait

"The president, by his generous words to Hillary and me today, has proved once again that in the end, we are held together by this grand system of ours that permits us to debate and struggle and fight for what we believe is right,"
President Clinton's response.

That is the beauty of this proud Republic. We dissent in a respectful manner, and break bread together, when it is over. Not plot the next suicide bombing.

Demolition Derby
I have begun tearing apart my upstairs. The only area in my almost 100 year old house that I haven't redone.

I saved the best for last. Years of water damage has seeped through the plaster leaving my no alternative but to rip it out and re-rock. After that, a little mudding and a little taping and it'll be better then new. Fortunately, the worst of it is in the closet, tucked into part of the dormer. Although it'll look pretty damn good when I get done, no one will ever really see it.

Needless to say, I will be quite busy this week, and pumping some money into the economy to boot.

Hmmmmmm . . . . Maybe I should stop and wait till after the election . . . . . .


Thursday, June 10, 2004

the Moderate Republican

The voice over at the Moderate Republican has this to say about who can stake the claim to Reagan's thrown.

In my view, Reaganism, this sunny, optimistic and flexible conservatism is barely breathing. If there is a rightful heir to Reagan it would not be our current President, but California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who seems to exude the same cheerful conservatism that Reagan had. Arnold is not a doctrinare conservative, but a pragmatist who speaks in a conservative populist rhetoric.

I think people like President Bush, as well as many in Congress are being somewhat misleading in saying that they are heirs to Reagan. He was willing to work with Democrats to get things done and he knew how to persuade people to his side. The current leadership is so sure of its rightness that they think the other side is not only wrong but some how morally deficient.

This seem to echo my first thought about the comparison. I hope GW tries to compare himself to Reagan. It would be another of his many mistakes!

The Beach Looms

My last day at the office. As some of you know, my school program has been discontinued. In it's place will more then likely be a good chunk of the Hmong refugees coming from the camp in Thailand. The program has their own technology staff, so I have yet to be approached to stay on, and doubt that I will.

I have been following job postings within the district, and not a single opportunity has come across the HR desk. I do have a level of security. I am #2 in my seniority groups, with 20 people behind me. Worse case scenario is I bump the lowest senior person. Unfortunately, the current person at the bottoms is baby-sitting an elementary computer lab. Not a real good fit for my skills set.

I'll peruse the paper, and network the best I can, to see what the private sector may have to offer. But those of us following the true economic state under Bush knows that people are being underemployed at an alarming rate. Bush may tout the job creations numbers, but those positions are only a shadow of what they once were prior to the Bush revolution.

We'll see how I fare, but I am confident I'll be OK, in spite of the environment this current administration has created!


Sunday, June 06, 2004

The 'Gipper' passes

President Ronald Wilson Reagan has passed. I never voted for him, but I always respected him. He had a way to work with people. He had a way to work with his adversaries to promote the common good. He had a way to get into a political pissing contest, and then break bread with his political foes when it was over. He had his dissenters, but his enemies were few.

I was thinking over the weekend about GW's campaign message from 2000. "I am a Uniter, not a Divider". President Reagan was the consummate uniter. He laid the ground work for bi-partisan workmanship, and the rise of conservatism followed due to his charismatic presence. The Left could do no worse then embrace that format.

GW Bush is no Reagan. Out of respect to the Nation, and the Reagan family, John Kerry has suspended the majority of his campaign appearances this week. I hope that when he gets back on the stump, he will invoke the positive energy, and hope for the future Reagan was so successful at. I hope that Kerry will draw the comparison of the Uniter, with the Divider.

Reagan showed how it could be done if we all work together. Bush is making it clear what it is like when we don't. I will remember Reagan as the Great Uniter, and GW Bush as the Great Divider

RIP Mr President!


Thursday, June 03, 2004

Tenet resigns

George Tenet, the second longest serving director of the CIA (7 years) resigned today claiming 'personal reasons'

BushCo now has their scapegoat. I will watch the RNC spin doctors slowly and meticulously dismantle this loyal Director and eventually blame him for everything negative in the GW dossier.

I hope he resigned for truly personal reasons, but I think we will find out, that he was at least nudged, a little.


Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Custodial Checkers or Children's Chess

Mitch, over at Shot in the Dark has begun an intermittent series on 'Father's Rights' starting with his first installment, Finish What You Started.

Mitch and I don't agree on much, politically, but this is an issue both of us have leaned on each other for guidance and advice.

Make a note of this thread, and specifically, read the Welch article entitled "Justice by Default" that he links to. It is a must read to gain an accurate perspective.

Dooh Nibor

Krugman was in fine form yesterday. A recently obtained memo from the Office of Management and Budget hints that the Bush Admin, assuming a miraculous comeback and retention of the White House, is prepared to slash and pillage the Social Services budgets to make room for more tax cuts for the wealthy. Tax cuts they claim average $1448 per family. We know how averages work, and the simple math is, according to the research, is that 257,000 taxpayers receive a bigger combined cut, then the 85 million that make up the bottom 60 percent of the populace.

This Dooh Nibor, a way of robbing the poor to pay the rich, ala reverse Robin Hood is the Bush strategy to reel in his fiscal conservatives. Bush's fiscally irresponsible spending spree, without adequate funding, has got him in hot water with the more fiscally conservative old guard. Perhaps this is his way of shoring up the far right base, while deceiving the American people.

If we haven't learned anything at all during this administration, we have learned one thing. The will lie, cheat, steal, and deceive, to ensure they maintain control for their Billionare Boy's Club bretheren.