Thursday, June 10, 2004

the Moderate Republican

The voice over at the Moderate Republican has this to say about who can stake the claim to Reagan's thrown.

In my view, Reaganism, this sunny, optimistic and flexible conservatism is barely breathing. If there is a rightful heir to Reagan it would not be our current President, but California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who seems to exude the same cheerful conservatism that Reagan had. Arnold is not a doctrinare conservative, but a pragmatist who speaks in a conservative populist rhetoric.

I think people like President Bush, as well as many in Congress are being somewhat misleading in saying that they are heirs to Reagan. He was willing to work with Democrats to get things done and he knew how to persuade people to his side. The current leadership is so sure of its rightness that they think the other side is not only wrong but some how morally deficient.

This seem to echo my first thought about the comparison. I hope GW tries to compare himself to Reagan. It would be another of his many mistakes!


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