Thursday, June 10, 2004

The Beach Looms

My last day at the office. As some of you know, my school program has been discontinued. In it's place will more then likely be a good chunk of the Hmong refugees coming from the camp in Thailand. The program has their own technology staff, so I have yet to be approached to stay on, and doubt that I will.

I have been following job postings within the district, and not a single opportunity has come across the HR desk. I do have a level of security. I am #2 in my seniority groups, with 20 people behind me. Worse case scenario is I bump the lowest senior person. Unfortunately, the current person at the bottoms is baby-sitting an elementary computer lab. Not a real good fit for my skills set.

I'll peruse the paper, and network the best I can, to see what the private sector may have to offer. But those of us following the true economic state under Bush knows that people are being underemployed at an alarming rate. Bush may tout the job creations numbers, but those positions are only a shadow of what they once were prior to the Bush revolution.

We'll see how I fare, but I am confident I'll be OK, in spite of the environment this current administration has created!


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