Sunday, June 06, 2004

The 'Gipper' passes

President Ronald Wilson Reagan has passed. I never voted for him, but I always respected him. He had a way to work with people. He had a way to work with his adversaries to promote the common good. He had a way to get into a political pissing contest, and then break bread with his political foes when it was over. He had his dissenters, but his enemies were few.

I was thinking over the weekend about GW's campaign message from 2000. "I am a Uniter, not a Divider". President Reagan was the consummate uniter. He laid the ground work for bi-partisan workmanship, and the rise of conservatism followed due to his charismatic presence. The Left could do no worse then embrace that format.

GW Bush is no Reagan. Out of respect to the Nation, and the Reagan family, John Kerry has suspended the majority of his campaign appearances this week. I hope that when he gets back on the stump, he will invoke the positive energy, and hope for the future Reagan was so successful at. I hope that Kerry will draw the comparison of the Uniter, with the Divider.

Reagan showed how it could be done if we all work together. Bush is making it clear what it is like when we don't. I will remember Reagan as the Great Uniter, and GW Bush as the Great Divider

RIP Mr President!


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