Friday, June 25, 2004

That was just practice

Congratulations to the Frater's boys, who creamed the competition at Keagan's last night. More then the trivia, it was great to put faces to names, something that doesn't always happen very often in the blogosphere. I have said this before, the beauty of our republic, is that even as we dissent, we can still break bread with our brethren, instead of planning a suicide bombing. I was outnumbered, as everyone else at the table was Right of center, but it did provide stimulating and respectful conversations

Anywho, we'll make another attempt at unseating the perennial trivia champs in a couple weeks, Until then, I'll keep watching Ken kick ass on Jeopardy. 17 wins (They dropped the five and out rule this year) and over a half million dollars. Maybe we should see if he is free to join the Minnehaha All Stars (Mitch, The Doctor, and myself) in a couple weeks.


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