Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I am a WORLD Champion

Yeah, yeah, I thought I could get back in the swing, but my commitments to MN Brass on our drive to championships just took up what available spare time I had, and boy was it worth it.

This weekend we made history. After three consecutive runner-up awards I have finally reached the pinnacle of my activity, a World Championship title:

1. 98.35 Minnesota Brass
2. 97.45 Buccaneers
3. 95.55 Empire Statesmen
4. 94.35 Hurricanes
5. 93.13 Caballeros
6. 90.18 Renegades
7. 89.00 Alliance
8. 85.00 CorpsVets
9. 82.23 Kilties
10.78.95 Tampa Bay Thunder

This is the announcement of our placement and caption wins. So surreal!

Here some press floating around out there as well:

StarTribune Article




It was a hell of a ride . . . . can;t wait till next year to defend!!


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