Saturday, June 25, 2022

It's not Roe, privacy is lost.

I care about life before birth, beginning with the moment of conception. I find abortion a reprehensible practice. All life is sacred. But that's my faith, my beliefs, my hope! We don't live in a theocracy where we should impose an article of faith that we subscribe to on those that don't, or at least I didn't think we did. 

Best way to stop abortions is to provide programs, policies, and practices that will make them safe, legal, and rare. From there, that decision is between the patient, their Dr. and their God. It's none of anyone else's business (including 'the state' or a court). THAT'S #ProLife #ProBirth, not #ProChoice

#RightToPrivacy has been overturned, not just Roe. This was never about life, it's about control. Read Thomas' concurrence, he's listed what's next.