Monday, July 14, 2008

Sgt. Tom; 4 Weeks to Deploy

I heard from my son this weekend. He is shipping out to Alaska for a few weeks then off to Al Asad airbase in Iraq for 6 months. He is as ready now as he was when he visited last Spring! In the note he references the Parade pics from the 4th:
I'm Doing pretty good. I am about 1 month out from deploying. However I am heading to Alaska on Sunday and I will be deploying from there. I will send out my address as soon as I have it. I saw those pics pretty cool! However I will have to show the boys proper rifle and sword carries OOO-RAH!!!! LOL. You guys looked good!
He also hyped on the NEW GI Bill, you know, the one Obama supported and voted for, where McCain didn't even bother to show up for the vote, but made it clear he would have voted no anyway:
The marine corps. is treating me pretty well, my MOS bonus just went up for re-enlisting. Oh and the new GI bill is great. So the plan is to do one more enlistment and get as much college done in that time
That's my boy, planning ahead and looking towards the future.

I wish I could have seen him before he got so busy, but he'll keep me posted. I'll be sure to share with you any news I get. I have been hesitant posting a service flag on Centrisity, but once his boots are on the ground, it will go up for sure!

Proud Marine Dad!

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