Friday, February 08, 2008

The Visit with Sarge

Everything went according to plan last night. It was sure great seeing Tom again, and being able to catch up on all that has happened since his last visit. Having spent a little time with his brothers, and knowing that they will get him all to their selves on Saturday, it was time for us to go. The first order of business was to get to Rock for our first beer together. What a milestone moment

Later The Doctor and his son showed up. We lived not too far from each other for awhile, so our boys got to know each other very early on. They hadn't been able to chat in probably 10 years, so this was quite the reunion. Both these young men have turned into outstanding adults.

Of course the conversation turned to politics and both these gentleman seemed very engaged in the process. While The Doctor and I don't always agree on ideology, we did agree on advice to our sons. Ask Questions. Keep asking questions until you have enough information to make an informed decisions. Ask questions of those both on the Right and the Left. But keep asking questions. If you do that, you will feel comfortable and confident in whatever decisions you make.

Sgt. Tom and I then ventured back over to St. Paul for this week's Drinking Liberally. Sgt. Steve Sarvi, Democratic candidate for the 2nd congressional district was there to discuss his campaign. He has just wrapping his Q & A when we arrived but I could see Tom listening intently. We made it over to the candidate where they greeted each other and started talking a foreign language. Not in the literal sense, but if you put too service men in a room they start talking with acronyms I don't even understand.

But then Tom started asking questions, questions he had asked me about how things are in the Middle East and Iraq specifically. Did I say how important it is to ask questions? In this case they were all relevant as Tom has received orders and will be going to Iraq in August for a 6 month stint. His time will be spent in the green zone primarily as an aircraft maintenance inspector.

The highlight of the evening was when Sgt. Sarvi pulled me aside later to compliment me on what I fine young man Tom has become and to not worry about his impending journey to Iraq. I knew already that Tom had turned out just fine, but it is always nice to here it from someone else.

Tom stops by again on Saturday. I will only see him briefly as he collects his brothers for the day. It is their turn to catch up and it will begin with lunch with GrandMa and GrandPa. They too are eager to see their grandson and catch up on time that has passed by.

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