Friday, February 22, 2008

TX Debate Debrief

I watched the first 90 minutes of the shindig last night. Oh sure, there was a tussle in the middle, that's what debates are for. Yet, for the most part, there were kumbaya moments and assurances that they will go forward together no matter what the outcome.

The best part of the evening was the actual debate on health care. Most debates are parsed stump speeches and scripted exchanges. Tonight these two went toe to toe debating the difference of their plans. When the moderators wanted to move one, the candidates resisted as this was an issue important to both of them. I am not sold on Universal Health Care, but I do acknowledge we have a health care crisis. Continuing down the same path is not the solution so a new direction is needed. Like immigration I am still in the evaluation phase of where I am at. As I review the differences, all we get from the Right is universal health care won't work, without any semblance of what they plan on doing about the current situation. If they want to complete for my support on this issue I will need something a little more concrete than that.

I don't post videos very often, however, for all of you that think Hillary Clinton is a mean power monger, you need to watch her closing statement. A classy, sincere, respectful appeal, honoring her opponent, and ensuring everyone, that regardless of what happens, a unified Democratic Party will go forward. There simply is no other outcome if we want to rescue this country from the grips of the last 8 years.

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