Friday, February 01, 2008

From Scrappy to a Love Fest

I didn't watch South Carolina, so was only influenced by the media sound bites. I didn't want that to happen again. Although I still had domestic chores, a much needed grocery store run for Super Bowl Chili fixin's, I set up my TIVO so I wouldn't miss a clip.

This debate should be a must watch for all Democrats, especially those that struggle with supporting the opponent of their favored candidate. The congeniality of both these Senators should lay to rest any acrimony that anyone thought existed between them. The transcript won't do it justice, but Obama started off:
I also want to note that I was friends with Hillary Clinton before we started this campaign; I will be friends with Hillary Clinton after this campaign is over.

She has done -- she's run a -- we're running a competitive race, but it's because we both love this country, and we believe deeply in the issues that are at stake.
Their differences were spelled out quite well, and in debate terms, this one did its job. It showed that not only are these candidates light years better than anything the Republicans could possible nominate, but provided the necessarily distinct between the two so voters could vote based on issues, not personalities.

Some have criticized me on my VeepStakes post. To be fair, this was right after the other debate, where the acrimony between the two front runners was evident. But I stuck to my guns and predicted a Clinton/Obama ticket while ruling out a potential Clinton Vice Presidential run. The final question of the night dealt with just that:
let me say this. And I said this at the top. I respect Senator Clinton. I think her service to this country has been extraordinary. And I'm glad that we've been walking on this road together and that we are still on that road.

We've got a lot more road to travel. And so I think it's premature for either of us to start speculating about vice presidents, et cetera. I think it would be premature and presumptuous.

I can say this about -- about who I want not just as vice president but as a cabinet member. Part of what I would like to do is restore a sense of what is possible in government.

And that means having people of the greatest excellence and competence. It means people with integrity. It means people with independence, who are willing to say no to me so, so that, you know, no more yes-men or women in the White House.
and Clinton follows:
Well, I have to agree with everything Barack just said.

This has been an extraordinary campaign, and I think both of us have been overwhelmed by the response that we have engendered, the kind of enthusiasm and intensity that people feel about each of us. And so, clearly, we are both dedicated to doing the best we can to win the nomination, but there is no doubt we will have a unified Democratic Party.
The Cons are flustered and fractured. A unified Democratic party will return to the White House, and restore the dignity and credibility that office deserves.


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