Thursday, January 31, 2008

Down to Three and a half - Con Version

The McCain juggernaut rolls over another candidate. Rudy steps aside and gives John the thumbs up. That leaves us with McCain and Romney as legitimate candidates, Huckabee as a potential spoiler, and Paul, the Kucinich of the Right

Huckabee needs to look closely at what the new makeup of the race looks like. If he is true to his ideological beliefs, and I don't claim to fully understand what they are, he may want to re-evaluate his candidacy prior to Super Duper next week. If there is any hope to having a true conservative on the ballot, that will not fracture the delicate balance of common sense moderates and the Neo Cons, coupled with a vulnerable religious component, he may have to step aside or risk splitting the Con vote with Romney. That would allow McCain to walk through just about every Feb 5 state in what is, I think, mostly winner take all environments.

McCain is the most tolerable of the remaining GOoPers, but he still doesn't hold a candle to either of the two Democratic contenders.

By next week at this time, both parties should be on Mop Up duty, shoring up their base, and getting ready for the General. The right will be loading up their smear guns, since they are wrong on most every point and don't dare talk issue. The Left will have to dodge that mud and slime and try to keep focused on the issue, restoring faith in our country, truly protecting Americans and their rights, and fulfilling the dreams of our society, not a few Richie Riches.

The electorate is smart enough not to fall for the SmearBoat tactics. Besides, we've tried it the way of the Right for 8 years and look where that has gotten us. Time for the grownups to come in and clean up the mess. God knows the adolescents in charge right now won't pick up after themselves. I have teenagers, I know how that works.


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