Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Ritchie Exhonerated, Mike's in a Tizzy!

I can here MDE from here "Say it ain't so , Uncle Ron":
The chief Minnesota elections official didn't violate state laws when he furnished state mailing lists to his campaign, a legislative auditor's report released Tuesday concluded.

The audit said there was no misuse of the data by Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, which the DFLer seized on as he accused his critics of acting with partisan motives.
The hypocritical hate machine/attack meisters want to continue to tie up public dollars through frivolous accusations. If they really wanted to cut government spending, they would not keep spending it on personal vendettas to begin with.

They were wrong on this issue, and will continue to be wrong on just about every other one. We really know what is going on here:
"You've heard the expression, it matters less who votes than who counts the votes? That seems to be the Bush/Cheney strategy in winning elections. It worked for them in Florida in 2000; it worked for them in Ohio in 2004, and they are trying to make it work in Minnesota," Melendez said.

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