Friday, January 11, 2008

Dear MN Legislative Majority

If I had the gonads to write a letter to the DFL Leadership in the legislature right now it would go something like this:


Your victory in the special election has now locked up the Senate with a veto proof majority, all that is holding you back is a few votes, count 'em, five, in the House. Now, I can see why that may make you a little nervous, but gee criminy, the Right hasn't played nice since the Good Ole Arne days, what makes you think they will change now:
One theory, he said, is that a DFL-led removal of Molnau might anger House Republicans who may be needed later in the legislative session to help override a possible veto of a transportation funding bill by Gov. Tim Pawlenty, a Republican. While Senate DFLers have enough votes to override a governor's veto, House DFLers need the votes of some Republicans to do the same.
You are in the leadership for a reason, because the electorate put you there. Do you think a GOP controlled environment would play nice with a DFL Transportation Chair that had failed at the level of Molnau, regardless of the legislative consequences, hell NO. Do you think the GOP thought twice about that when they tied up the national government ad nausea just to embarrass a sitting President, knowing full well they didn't have a case, or votes for removal anyway. In this case, you have a case, AND the votes for removal.

So here's the deal. You better push that Transportation bill early and hold the higher ground. If you don't get what you want (you are in the majority remember, your call you set the agenda), then go for the Molnau jugular. Bring up your top 3 - 5 priority issues right out of the shoot, call it the 21 day salute to Minnesota. Do all the right things you said you were going to do when you ran for the seat you occupy. You hold the GOP's feet to the fire. If after those three weeks you haven't passed veto proof legislation and shoved it in the Governor's face, then you play hard ball, just like they do. Give them a taste of their own medicine, and start with Molnau.

But you won't. You'll play, at best, a losing game of mumbly peg, at the last minute, just like the Pelosi's and Reids' of the world. You'll fold like a blanket in the end. There is a reason Right WingNut talk radio exisits, you give them an endless stream of material.

This once, prove me wrong.

Yours truly from the Mushy Middle.


But I don't have the gall to write that letter, cause it may hurt someones feelings, and I am too compassionate for that. So, dear readers, Shhhhhhhh, don't tell anyone how pissed I am.

UPDATE: I have been encouraged to post Legislative Contact Information. Seems that others have no problem sending my letter for me. I love it when a plan comes together!

Senate Majority Leadership

Sen. Steve Murphy

Senate Transportation Committee (LA's contacts below)

Committee Administrator: Billie Ball 651.296.1738
Legislative Assistant - Chair: Kelly Russell 651.296.4264
Legislative Assistant - Vice Chair: Steven Huser 651.297.8073

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