Friday, January 04, 2008

Veto Proof*

Governor TPaw has become as lame a duck as possible. The surprising victory by DFLer Dahl breaks the veto stranglehold The Guv once had:
Dahle, a DFLer, beat former state Rep. Ray Cox, a Republican, and Independence Party candidate Vance Norgaard, an organic farmer.

The victory gives DFLers the two-thirds majority they need to override a veto by Gov. Tim Pawlenty.
The MNGOP tried to hold down turnout, again, by staging another Holiday election in a red district and it backfired.

It wasn't that long ago a DFLer could run unopposed in a special election and still lose, but now there is something in the air where the Left can win out even in a Red district. I guess the electorate can put up with only so much before they finally recognize it will take competence, guts, and true leadership to dig us out of this hole.


* subtitle "MDE electing more Democrats each and every day. Huckofa job Mickey!"

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