Monday, January 28, 2008

Veepstakes - Cons

So we're down to the final four in the losers bracket. Here in Minnesota, talk has been heavy regarding TPaws political promiscuity. I'm thinking he is a long shot at best, but not enough to put him on the 'not a chance in hell' list. That list is reserved for McCain, who at 71, is not interested in pulling a Cheney and camping out at the Naval Observatory for the next 4-8 years. But as the front runner, who will he pick.

Conventional wisdom is TPaw, the Gov. Tim doesn't bring the necessary ideological balance needed to reel in the Right Wing Fringe. The conservative Wing of the Republic Party is becoming more and more alienated and are pretty much ready to sit this one out. They will need something to excite them, reinvigorate them, to rejoin the process. that means McCain will have to pick a staunch conservative. I would have ruled out Fred Thompson, but after reading AAA I am not so sure. A McCain/Thompson ticket would provide a much needed boost to the party and give them at least an outside shot at retaining the White House.

If Thompson is truly interested in the Veep slot, he would make an excellent ideological balance for any of the remaining candidates, sans Huckabee. I am not totally up to speed on the Conservative litmus test, but would think that He is the furthest Right of the bunch. Most of these guy are changing their positions so regularly I can't even keep up.

However,m there is one name I have seen bantered around much, if at all, and I think it is their dark horse. A conservative member of the Bush administration. One who was not afraid to butt heads with him. One who eventually left due to these parting of ways. At a time where the Right needs to distance themselves from the failures of this administration, an individual like that should be appealing. This person is also a former governor, carrying with it executive experience and the preparedness needed for the Presidency. Finally, they carry with them something the Right just may need to balance out the ticket, when considering the real possibility that Hillary will be the Democcratic nominee. It is the she with the he, and why I have a strong feeling that the GOP could do no worse than adding former New Jersey Governor Christine Whitman to the ticket.

She provides experience, geographical balance, ideological intrigue, and the gender offset. She can claim independence from the administration through her resignation as Administrator of the EPA while still touting her administrative experience. I am sure my friends on the Right will have much to say about this dark horse, but I will go out on a limb and say she will be the VP nominee.

So, when November rolls around, your choices will be:

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama
John McCain and Christine Whitman

It is no real choice at all. If this country is going to pull itself out of the doldrums created by the failed and flawed policies of the Right, and the Bush administration specifically, it will be Clinton/Obama in a walk!


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