Monday, January 14, 2008

MN-3rd District Congress

I haven't been following this race too much. The uncertainty is still there regarding Ramstad's status. It seems Jim, who has been rock solid for the district, may be hedging on his decision. I don't give it too much credence, but in politics anything can happen.

Friday night, on Almanac, the three individuals vying for the DFL nomination for that seat went head to head in one of Almanac's patented sit downs. This was a first read for me, and they say first impressions count. In that case, Ashwin Madia hit it out of the park.

I felt all three were competent and qualified, but Madia had that extra bit of vigor, commitment, and determination I expect in a candidate. He may be the rookie of the bunch, but you would have never guessed it watching this segment. If I lived in that district, I would take a long hard look at this up and comer. On the surface, he is the only one of the three I would consider over Ramstad, should the congressman change his mind.

Watch the debate yourself and let me know what you think.


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