Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Footsie with FISA

In our visit with Sen. Amy last October, we spent some time on her controversial vote on the FISA extension::
Klobuchar was willing to go along with this brief, 6 month, extension due to the "15,000' univestigated tips. She stated "I don't defend that deal, I didn't negotiate that deal, and I think it should have been much better". She went on to explain some of the intricacies of the legislation which made it better for us to understand her take on the issue.

She continued; "I believe it was what we needed to do at the time. We take these votes that won't make everyone happy, but people have to understand my main focus here is to balance the need for getting the information and civil liberties. And I do think there is a much better way to do that."
A new extension is coming up and enough time has passed to find "a much better way to do that." and Senator Am made it clear to us last October:
she will not vote for an additional extension, placing the pressure on Congress and the administration to get a permanent piece of legislation in place.
I plan on holding her to that.


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