Wednesday, February 13, 2008

American Idol v.07 : The Final Cut

Yes, I'm a closet popster. Below are links to this years' Top 24 thanks to YouTube . I wanted to be consistent so these are their original audition unless noted when I couldn't find the original clip. (All 12 gals were in YouTube, only half the guys and one of them it is their Hollywood week since no audition video was found. Interesting state there)

My pre-apologies for those that don't care, but frankly, there is more to blogging than just politics and Drum Corps! For everyone of you that chooses to blow me off the day after an episode, 3 screaming teeny boppers are stumbling upon Centrisity. Not only are they peering into the AI crystal ball, they get to actually witness political rhetoric for the first time. Molding young minds is the ultimate goal!

However, the real questions isn't who is going to win, it is whether BogusDoug will follow along.

The Gals:

* Joanne Borgella
* Kristy Lee Cook
* Amy Davis
* Asia'h Epperson
* Alexandrea Lushington
* Kady Malloy
* Ramiele Malubay
* Syesha Mercado - Top Lady?!?
* Amanda Overmyer - A Personal Favorite
* Carly Smithson - Another Favorite
* Alaina Whitaker
* Brooke White

The Guys

* David Archuleta
* Colton Berry
* Robbie Carrico
* Jason Castro
* David Cook
* Chikeze Eze
* Garrett Haley
* David Hernandez (Hollywood week)
* Michael Johns
* Luke Menard
* Danny Noriega
* Jason Yeager

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