Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Duper and my Leanings

Today is the beginning of the process for us Minnesotans. I will walk down to Hancock Elementary to participate in the first step of selecting our next President. I like walking, if possible, to my polling place and caucus location. Something homey about that.

Since Richardson dropped out, I had decided to ride the rest of this one out. We have two very competent and qualified candidates. Either of them will be a marked improvement over the current president and Light years better than anything the GOP will run against us. But I want to win, we need to win, and the events over the last week has nudged me in a particular direction. This is only a primary, yet one of the candidates has shown they aren't quite ready for the mud and slime that GOP will throw at them. They will be fresh meat for a Rabid Right hoping that the Democratic Party will be sucked into the vacuum of Hope and a Prayer politics, without the substance necessary to make it through to November. The alternative has high negatives of their own, but they are a known, and the GOP has nothing left to throw at them. They have shown they can stand up to anything that has ever come their way, and come out of the smoke successfully. At this point I will probably still show my support for Gov Richardson, but I am leaning just ever so slightly to one of the remaining candidates, and I may not make the final decisions till tonight.

In the Senate race I have also been staying below the fray. I dabbled a bit with Coleman and am watching his participation very closely in the FISA/PAA process. With the current Administration on the outs, and Senator Norm up for re-election, he needs to balance his votes well. He may even be forced to vote his constituency and conscience, instead of taking his marching orders from the President.

A few things of inched me closer to a decision. The annoying Robo calls by one particular candidate have been a major turn off. And the support of my loval congress woman usually is an indicator to support the other guy. However, recent polling showing that one candidate is clearly the most electable of the three has moved me closer to Al Franken, and unless something significant happens during the course of today, that is who I will be caucusing for this evening.

The Republicans have had over 7 years in the White House, and controlled both legislative houses early on. They have shown they do not have the judgment necessary to lead this country, in fact, their decision have created a tumultuous environment not only economically, but globally as well. I may agree with them on the 2nd amendment, and fiscal restraint, on public funding options and the War on terror. But support on those issues aren't enough to allow them to remain in control of the White House. There is a lot more to this race then personal preference on a handful of issues. We have internationally healing that needs to take place, and economy to save, and an education system to salvage. The GOP has shown they just aren;t up to it, so it is time to put the grown-ups back in charge.


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