Monday, February 11, 2008

Rush Lost

Rush had a shot at their first Grammy this weekend. In the category for Rock Instrument, Malignant Narcissism was nominated. I had a feeling the snub was on as Main Monkey Business was a much better instrumental on that album, but the quality of the album was way too good for them to snub entirely. Now they are 0 - 5.

Mainstream PopSter, Bruce 'The Boss' Springsteen got the nod, if you could call him 'Rock' *rolling eyes* Yeah., I'm a little perturbed!
Rush lost the Grammy for the Best Rock Instrumental Performance at the pre-telecast Grammy Award ceremony in Los Angeles this afternoon. The song Malignant Narcissism off of their 2007 album Snakes & Arrows had been nominated along with The Ecstasy Of Gold from Metallica, Always With Me, Always With You from Joe Satriani, The Attitude Song from Steve Vai, and the winning entry - Once Upon A Time In The West from Bruce Springsteen. It was the 5th time in their career that they had been nominated in this category, and the 5th time they have lost. Rush's past nominations in the Best Rock Instrumental Performance category were for YYZ in 1981, Where's My Thing? in 1992, Leave That Thing Alone in 1995 and O Baterista in 2004. No surprise really.
Not a big surprise, I guess, but if you have heard the song, you would know they were in the running.


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