Thursday, February 28, 2008

Actual Phone Transcript


Joe: Hello, Midway Liquor!

Flash: Hey Joe, your favorite Keg Customer!

Joe: Hey Buddy. It must be Spring time. Not because it is getting warmer, or the snow is melting, but Flash is calling for a Keg!

Flash: That is exactly correct, so what should I start off with this year . . . .
- - -

And so it goes, another Winter is over, and it will soon be Spring in the Midway. I have placed my order and will be picking it up tomorrow after work. The majority of my evening will be spent in the garage, preparing for another season.

Ahhhhhhhh the fresh smell of beer Spring is in the air . . . . .

This evening, however, I will be at Rock Bottom, where they will be tapping their ESB, Extra Special Bitter ale. This traditional British-style Bitter ale is made with 100% British malt and hops, coming across nice and yummy with a bit of a fruity nose from the British yeast used in fermentation. I can't wait/ Oh, I can't wait till tomorrow, either


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