Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Still Waiting . . . for HF2800 Response

I have yet to hear from anyone on the Right who can provide me any evidence whatsoever that the spending in HF2800 was ever in real dispute. We know from my review of the facts, and contact with the DFL party that large swatches of appropriations is going straight to MNDot to be spent at their discretion. The priorities list provided by the DFL and available on MNGOP websites seem to line up pretty well.

I have seen rhetoric regarding transit, and the LRT boondoggle on the Hard Right wing sites that are spending more time trying to figure out new ways to marginalize themselves, but that is all.

In attempting to cobble together the Administrations position on Transit, we find this for a year ago:
Establishing a formula to distribute motor vehicles sales tax revenues, with 60 percent allocated for state and local roads, 38 percent for Twin Cities metro area transit and 2 percent for Greater Minnesota transit.
And when we look at the PDF of the Governor's spending proposal, he has well over a Billion dollars, over 10 years, for transit.

So lets just let the Right marginalize themselves into non existence, while the rest of us work together to make this state a better place. And if I have to shell out an extra $150 to make that happen, so be it. Replacing a ball joint with a front end alignment could cost double that anyway. In the long run the state is probably saving me money!


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