Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Please Vote!

The fear and Smear from the Right is over. The failed campaign of the Left is done.

The Right successfully deceived the electorate, as is their practice. The Left limped along without even attempting to show where we were at two years ago, and how much better we are today.

Fortunately, Minnesota is ahead of the curve. We tried it their way and it has cost us dearly, in jobs, in education, in basic infrastructure needs.

So while the US House slips away, the US Senate majority narrows, and Nationally the midterm massacre will take the President's working majority away, Minnesota will be a bright spot. For the first time in almost 20 years there will be a Democratic Governor and a House and Senate willing to work together to steer this great State back into economic prosperity.

The news tonight will be bleak for common sense Moderates, and progressives, but the talking heads will come back to Minnesota as that oasis of sanity. We tried it there way, it simply doesn't work. The memory of the National electorate is short, but that is not the case in the great state of Minnesota.


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