Monday, July 12, 2010

Week 3, BMT and a call from the Trainee

Finally heard from Trainee Nick. He sounded GREAT and was very committed to his decisions. I heard no frustration and second guessing.

We had about 15 minute for our first 'conversation' following a couple other phone calls that were very robotic and rushed. This time he was very relaxed, almost excited about 'Hell Week' coming up.

He has passed all inspections, is ahead in his studies and memorization, doing well in PT, and get this, he is in the band *Smile* Now, what that means is he is playing the bass drum to help keep the cadence during marching drills, but still, hey, better than latrine duty LOL.

He gets his Blues this week, and soon the first set of official photographs. Can;t wait to put the fresh crisp Trainee up on the family wall. It will look sharp!

I have his address if anyone is interested, just shoot me a note to:

flash at centrisity dot com

The adventure continues . . .

Proud Air Force dad!


– Drill Precision 

- SABC (Self Aid/Buddy Care) under fire
– Bleeding control
– Bandages and dressings

– Combat application tourniquet

– Blood clotting agents

– Splint fractures

– Internal bleeding

– Burn treatments

– Shock management

– Airway management

– Spinal injury

– Job Classification Interviews

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