Friday, July 06, 2007

Did He or Didn't He

Coming off the heals of the use of a weapon by a permit holding gun carrier, is a tragedy in Duluth.

Opponents of the Minnesota Personal Protection Act (MPPA) jumped on the Treptow case as an example of misuse of a firearm. But as the facts come out, it is becoming more clear, that even in the case of the shooting of an off duty police officer, this citizen may have acted within the law. The simple fact that he was released so quickly, without charges being filed is our first indicator. Mitch and Joel have been on this one since the beginning.

And that brings us to Duluth. If Staff Sgt. Sheda was a permit holder, then there could be some legitimate fodder available for the MPPA opponents. If not, they'll have nothing. I have the question out to individuals familiar with the case. This post will be updated when I receive an answer.


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