Thursday, May 21, 2009

Losing Ground

Donklephant points us to the latest Gallup demographic break down by ideology. Key demos are slipping by the GOP:
Gardner points out:
the biggest losses are among those who have a college education, but the losses in many important demographic groups like Gen Yers, Midwesteners and moderates are also significant because that’s where the GOP has to be strong or else they’ll lose a generation of voters.
The current in fighting amongst the Right is creating an ideological vacuum that this survey shows is costing the GOP long term voters.

Our political system does not work very well when a party has unfettered control of the process. Checks and balances are the hallmark of our republic. The Right's implosion could have long term effects and unfortunately, they have no interest in the future of the country, just their petty power grabs. What's even worse is the local ScaifeNet's inability to see this and are spiraling down the same rabbit hole.


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