Friday, May 29, 2009

Dam Days - The Season Begins

This evening is the first official performance of the Summer season for Minnesota Brass, Inc. We will perform in the Dam Days parade in the Best little town by a damn site, Morristown, MN. Members will converge from all over the state and parts of Wisconsin and the Dakotas. We will meet in this small rural community and perform drum corps to a screaming throng of an unsuspecting audience.

We will make good drum corps . . . and then we will retire . . . to the beer tent, and deliberate on what lies ahead.

The 2009 version of this drum corps, one I have been affiliated with for over 30 years, will step off this evening . . . and heads will turn. We are on a mission, and that mission is to make history!

Resistance is futile!

Screech 2nd Baritone
MN Brass, Inc.

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