Monday, May 18, 2009

Now We Just Have To Clean Clean Clean

After only two drill camp weekends, the complete drill is on the field. Never in my 19 years on the field have we learned drill so quickly or performed the first official run through of the season so early. This is no to say it is easy. We worked or butts off on this complex coordinated animation. And they other amazing sign of an incredible season is everyone was there over the course of the camp. Also, we did have a soprano whole that took only a few days to fill and we are back to 58 bodies for 50 horn spots, plus Pit sops Ray and Roger for 60. Below is my closing drill set (yellow highlight)
This will be another historic year. Regardless of our finish, it is shaping up to be one amazing time on the field.

Mark your calendars NOW for one of these local field show performance opportunities:

June 20 - Drum Beauty, Stillwater MN
June 21 - Drums Along the Red Cedar - Menominee, WI
June 22 - Thunder of Drums - Mankato, MN
Aug. 22 - Sounds of Minnesota; South St. Paul
Aug. 23 - Drum Corps EXPO; St. Peter, MN

For me, I have a pre arranged day off. Quality time with my wife, lunch at Granite City, and my finger on the pulse of the frantic antics at the Capitol

Screech 2nd Baritone
Minnesota Brass, Inc.

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