Friday, November 10, 2006

Why I Voted No.

There was an exchange in the thread below regarding School levies. Brooklyn Center's failed, again, and now they are facing some very difficult decisions. I would have not only supported that request, but worked hard to get the message out. St. Paul's passed. I am an educator for the St. Paul system, and I voted no.

Frequent commenter Nathan stated:
You voted no for the St. Paul school levy? Are you crazy?
Crazy, not really, somewhat delusional at times, but definitely not crazy *laughing*

I had a pretty good inkling this one would pass. I voted no for a few reasons reasons.

A) I'll consider voting Yes on a referendum the first time I make it through a school year and I don't hear of an Administrator telling a subordinate 'Hurry up and spend this money before we lose it'

B) There are FIVE area superintendents. Before Harvey, there was 2. I'll let them have three, so cut two of them.

Finally, transportation and busing. With open enrollment as many as 8 buses drive by my house. There has to be a better way. Either limit openness to regions, or develop a hub busing system so no more than three buses will drive by my house significantly reducing cost as well.

There is still a lot of fat in the district, it needs to be trimmed.

Here is a letter I sent to the school board a couple years ago when they closed the school I was working at. It lays out some of these options.

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