Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hatch "embraces his pugnacious reputation"

There was a point when the MNGOP tried to use Hatch's "pugnacious reputation" against. him. It backfired, and backfired miserably. In today's PiPress profile we find out more about our next Governor, and why he is such a perfect fit for the times ahead:
Running neck and neck with the incumbent, Hatch was delighted that his strategy to get under Pawlenty's skin seemed to be working.

The day before, Pawlenty launched a TV ad criticizing Hatch on an immigration issue. Within hours, Hatch aired his own.

"Ever since he made an issue out of immigration four years ago, we knew he'd do it again," Hatch said. "And we were ready. We've had our ad in the can since last summer."

It was a classic Hatch tactic: Wait for your opponent to throw a punch, then blast him with a counterpunch.

"He's whining; he can't take an upper cut," he chuckled, after hearing about Pawlenty's news conference.
Read the whole thing, and you'll learn more than the fact that ole TPaw can't take a punch.


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