Tuesday, November 07, 2006

GOP Party

Decent crowd with long faces already at the GOP gathering. Saw Rudy glad handing. He's looking good and still wearing the trademark flannel

The NARN Crew at work interviewing the Chairman . . .

. . . who later addressed the solemn audience with his Yogi Berra "It's not over till its over' Speech, including the infamous holding out hope lines of 'When the absentee ballots come in we'll be just fine" and the more timely 'remember the Twins were behind all year long, until the last game, and they won at the end when it mattered. Folks, it was barely after 9:00 and he was already making up excuses. This may be a better night for Dems then I thought.

In transit to the Crowne Plaza for the remainder of the evening and what hopes to be the most spirited and energetic crowd yet.


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